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Florida lawyer, 38, ‘with marijuana gummies in her purse led cops on a high-speed chase’

A Florida lawyer has been arrested on a half-dozen charges after allegedly leading deputies on a high-speed chase while intoxicated and in possession of marijuana-infused gummy worms.

Reena Patel Sanders, 38, was detained at gunpoint after allegedly refusing to stop during the early Monday morning pursuit through Marathon, with speeds reaching 90mph.

According to an arrest report, Sanders laughed during her arrest, yelled out names of Hollywood movie stars, bragged about her job at a ‘big law firm’ and insisted that she and the deputies go out for pizza together.

According to an arrest report, Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Corbin Hradecky was traveling northbound on US 1 in Marathon at 12.35am when he spotted a white Lexus SUV speeding southbound.

The deputy made a U-turn and clocked Sander’s vehicle doing 80mph in a 45mph zone. He activated his lights and siren and pursued the Lexus, which then accelerated to 90mph in a 35mph zone.

Sanders’ SUV turned left onto Knights Key Boulevard and fishtailed as it turned onto Kyle Way, where it nearly crashed. 

Deputy Hradecky boxed in the SUV after it fishtailed again and spun out. The officer held the driver at gunpoint as she turned her vehicle in his direction and began to inch forward toward the officer, according to the report first obtained by the ABA Journal. 

Hradecky ordered her to stop or he would ‘take action,’ which caused Sanders to burst out laughing, the report states. 

Deputy Jorge Moreno arrived and both officers struggled to remove the 5-foot-2 lawyer from the SUV ‘as she resisted arrest and pulled away from them throughout her detainment.’

Sanders then proceeded to scream obscenities and yell out the names of famous actors, including Ryan Reynolds, Owen Wilson and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

When asked why she was fleeing Hradecky, Sanders reportedly said she was ‘scared.’

The deputy wrote in his report that the 38-year-old driver’s eyes were heavily bloodshot, watery and glassy, her eyelids were droopy, her speech was slurred and her breath smelled of alcohol. A subsequent search of Sanders’ Lexus revealed what has been described as a small amount of THC-laced gummy worms. 

After being brought to the Marathon sheriff’s sub-station for a DUI investigation, Sanders ‘insisted she was not going to jail and insisted we get pizza,’ according to the arrest report.

She talked about how she was a lawyer at a ‘big law firm’ and bragged about  hanging out with celebrities. 

In the course of the investigation, Sanders also allegedly told Deputy Hradecky she wanted to treat his family members to a $500 spa day with her.

Medics arrived at Sanders’ request to bandage small scrapes to her knees that Hradecky said she sustained while being taken to the ground when she refused to exit her SUV. 

Ultimately, Sanders refused medical attention, saying that she would bandage her knees herself when she got back to her hotel.

‘I again advised Reena she was going to jail to which she stated she was not,’ Hradecky wrote.

As the ABA Journal first reported, Sanders’ profile on the Florida Bar’s website indicate on Tuesday morning that she works at Kelley Kronenberg in Plantation. 

The profile was later revised to remove the Kelley Kronenberg reference. on Wednesday reached out to the law firm for comment and was told by a spokesperson in an email that Sanders’ employment with Kelley Kroneneber was terminated on June 26.

The spokesperson further stressed that Sanders’ ‘matters have no connection to the firm in any way.’ 

According to an October 2017 press release, Sanders had been made partner in the firm’s Fort Lauderdale office. The statement said the attorney earned her law degree from the University of The District of Columbia – The David A. Clarke School of Law and joined the firm in 2015, specializing in property litigation. 

ABA Journal reported that when reached by phone, Sanders proclaimed her innocence and described herself as a great litigator. on Wednesday contacted Sanders seeking comment and was awaiting a reply.  

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