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Flight attendant makes thousands selling feet photos online

A flight attendant who makes extra money selling pictures of her feet online has written a step-by-step e-book on how to peddle foot fetish photos after her TikTok tutorials on the topic earned her thousands of curious fans. 

Deej, who is known as @djsbeercave on social media, has been candid about her lucrative side hustle and how it’s made her thousands of dollars over the past five years. 

Her TikTok page has more than 161,000 followers — many of whom are wondering how they can follow in her footsteps and market their feet photos on Instagram to attract potential buyers.

Deej posted her first ‘How to Sell Your Feet Pics’ tutorial on TikTok amid the coronavirus pandemic in late May, a time when people around the country were looking to make extra money or supplement their stalled income. 

However, as she points out in her clips, posting photos of your feet on social media won’t guarantee you success. There are well-known poses in the foot fetish community that one must perfect and opportunistic scammers to watch out for.  

In her first video on the topic, she stresses that the first thing you have to do to embark on this type of side hustle is to make a separate social media page for your feet photos.  

‘I use a completely separate account from my main Instagram, and I just post a ton of pictures of my feet,’ she explains. ‘You have to actually look into feet photos and feet poses. Each different one has a specific name for what the pose is and people have different fetishes for each kind of pose.’

For example, ‘The Pose’ refers to a specific shot in which people are lying on their stomachs, facing the camera, with their feet up in back of them.   

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Deej says that when you post your foot photos online, you need to specifically hashtag those poses to attract followers.  

‘Once you have a decent following on Instagram from posting your photos, guys are gonna start reaching out to you,’ she insists. ‘You don’t have to reach out to them.’ 

Deej’s followers were understandably curious as to why people would buy her feet photos if they could get them for free online, and she explains in another video that ‘it’s an ego boost’ for them.  

‘They want to feel special, guys. They want a private set just for them,’ she says. ‘So, they see you post a certain angle, like your soles. They really like your soles. They want to reach out to you can get a whole custom set where they feel like you personally made that just for them.’

In her second tutorial, Deej shares her tips on how to avoid getting swindled while warning that the foot fetish community ‘has a lot of scammers in. it.’ 

‘People just want to get their rocks off and then go home, and they don’t want to pay for it,’ she says, adding: ‘But that isn’t to say there aren’t a lot of people who will pay for it — and will pay a good price.’

Deej explains that you can tell if people are serious if they reach out to you, ask if you sell pictures and videos, and ask your prices. 

‘They’re going to directly ask because they know if they’re gonna get something, they have to pay you for it,’ she points out. 

The flight attendant goes on to share a message she received from someone who was clearly not interested in paying for photos. 

‘I’ve ALWAYS had a thing on planes looking out for when hostesses take their shoes off or dangle them for a breather. Great page idea,’ the person wrote. ‘So… I’m guessing asking what airline you work for is off limits…’  

She points out that people who try to strike up a conversation like that are trying to engage with her for free and won’t pay for pictures. 

While she has likely raised her rates, Deej says that when she was first starting out, she would charge $5 per photo, $25 for a package of six, and $25 for thirteen.   

‘Nine times out of ten, they are going to at least get the $25 package, maybe the $50,’ she notes. ‘The great thing is you can reuse these photos between guys.’ 

Deej has an entire tutorial and follow-up videos dedicated to taking payment for your feet photos. She only accepts Amazon gift cards, and she recommends others do the same.   

‘An Amazon gift card I can immediately put it on my Amazon Prime account and then buy a new gift card with that, so they cannot cancel the payment,’ she explains, noting she never uses online money transfers. 

‘PayPal gives out your real information. I don’t want them having that,’ she notes, adding: ‘Venmo is pretty damn similar to PayPal.’

People also send her gifts that they purchase through an Amazon wish list, which allows her to keep her personal information private.

Deej stresses that anyone who is serious about buying your photos will pay whatever payment method you ask of them. 

‘You will never have to give your bank information,’ she says. ‘You will never have to buy a gift card or do any of that, and if they ask for it, stop, block ’em.

‘This is the most important part,’ she adds. ‘Do not send anything — no photos, content, nothing — unless you have confirmed payment where you’re able to physically spend it if you want.’  

Deej’s lessons have gotten so popular that she wrote an in-depth e-book on the topic, titled ‘Feet Deets: How to Sell Your Feet Pics.’

The how-to-guide, which is being sold on Etsy for $10, covers topics such as what hashtags to use and avoid, how to respond to DMs, and pricing. Unlike her TikTok tutorials, the e-book includes 20 foot posing styles with photos. 

‘Keep in mind successfully selling your feet photos does NOT happen overnight and takes consistent work,’ reads the product description. ‘It can be a great supplemental income though if you are willing to put in the effort!’ 

The e-book already has a dozen five-star reviews from fans who purchased the helpful guide.  

‘This eBook is so well written with an incredible attention to detail,’ one person wrote. ‘Deej offers an inside look at a typically taboo subject, and provides the reader with advice based on her own lived experiences. 

‘I really like how she focuses on safety, taking precautions to conceal identity and bank information, and using best practices while providing this service. Highly recommend!’

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