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Five people are injured after suspect opens fire in San Antonio in dispute between vendors

Gunfire broke out at a flea market in San Antonio, Texas on Sunday morning which resulted in five people being sent to hospital. 

A suspect opened fire at about 11:30am when around 100 shots were fired into the crowded parking lot of the Mission Open Air Market on the south side of the city.

Woody Woodward from the from the San Antonio fire department said that within an hour or so, the situation was ‘under control’. 

Paramedics transported five victims to a nearby hospital with possible life-threatening injuries.

San Antonio fire chief Russell Johnson told KENS that two weapons were recovered at the scene of the shooting.   

A number of shooters were involved including a security guard who returned fire at the gunman.

The incident started as a dispute between vendors and customers, flea market manager Al Ramon told WOAI.

‘This is the result of some type of argument. I don’t know if the argument was between gang members or just people who knew each other or didn’t know each other,’ San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said.

Police say they do not believe any innocent bystanders were shot. 

One of the suspects is in custody and in critical condition, McManus explained. 

The chief did not know if the primary suspect had been taken into custody, but confirmed that the neighborhood was safe. 

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