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Family of Denver man, 31, who has been missing for more than a week i

A Denver man has gone missing in Portugal during a solo trip and has not been heard from for more than a week. 


Alex Tyk, 31, was last seen at the K Urban Beach Club in Lisbon on Thursday June 27 at approximately 3:30 am. 

He had spent the night on a pub crawl with other travelers but never made it back to his hostel. 

Since then, he has missed a flight to Barcelona and has not been in touch with any friends or family. 

Tyk’s sister has now flown to Portugal to try to find him and his mother Lynn is making desperate appeals for information. 

‘I want him to know that he’s loved by so many people,’ she told KDVR, choking back tears. A

His belongings, including his passport, are still at his hostel but there is no sign of him and his phone is now dead. 

‘I still have hope. He could be in a hospital. He could have been mugged.

‘He could be in jail. It’s just hard to know when you don’t know anything. 

‘The worst thought is he fell in the water — it’s my biggest fear,’ his mother added.

Tyk’s sister is now in Portugal working with local police and with her own, US attorney to try to retrace her brother’s steps.

She is scouring surveillance footage in the city and hopes she will soon be able to get access to his cell phone records. 

The family has launched an email address for tips from anyone who may know where he is and they are raising money via a GoFundMe page to try to cover the cost of the search for him. 

The email address is [email protected] 

Tyk works for the social media platform manager Hootsuite in Colorado and is an avid adventurer. 

His parents say he convinced them to move from suburban Chicago to Colorado to be close to him and to experience more nature.  

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