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Facebook removes ‘Make America White Again’ group that sprung up after Disney cast Halle Bailey

A ‘Make America White Again’ group was removed from Facebook after sharing offensive memes related to the recent news that Disney cast Halle Bailey to play the fictional mermaid. 


The offensive group was created on July 3 after news of the casting of the black ‘Grownish’ actress casting went viral. It was a closed group and included a photo of Ariel Winter.

It had only a couple of hundred members by the time it was deleted off the social media platform. 

The group’s bio read: ‘Are you tired of people washing out the great traditions of white princesses of color? 

‘Do you feel that they should keep everything the way that it is? Then join us! We are here to make Ariel white again!’ 

Posts said to be from the group depicted racist images of a black mermaid wearing a piece of chicken and sitting on a slice of watermelon. 

Folks also shared posts of GoFundMe pages that were shared to the group, all of which have since been deleted. 

Many also claimed that the group was satirical and should not be taken seriously. 

Since the group’s deletion, a few copy cats have sprung up groups claiming to be the second coming of the page. 

So far, those pages are still active and have racked up hundreds of members. 

‘Our original group got shut down! Join the fun debate,’ one group states in its bio. ‘Please refrain from name calling and racist slurs.’ 

It was announced on July 3 that the 19-year-old star will take the lead role in the classic children’s film.

And while many have praised the decision to cast a black actor in the lead role, there were several who made cried that the film was displaying ‘tokenism’ and wanted the role to go someone who resembled the made-up character.  



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