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Ex-NFL star Brandon Marshall posts video of confrontation with cops and security in gated community

Former NFL receiver Brandon Marshall posted video on social media purportedly showing the 36-year-old black man being confronted by police and security guards while attempting to move into a new gated community. 

‘This is the problem,’ Marshall is heard saying in the footage, which was recorded at a in Weston, Florida on August 17 and posted on social media this week. ‘I come here, you feel uncomfortable. My first day moving into my new house, because my name’s not on the list, you call the cops. Now you call the cops.’

Marshall is seen arguing with a white man in a black suit, who appears to be a security guard. At one point Marshall points the camera at a masked police officer, who waved in his direction but wasn’t standing close to the six-time Pro Bowler.

The person who appeared to be a security guard told Marshall: ‘I’m just trying to do my job.’

‘There was no threat for you to call the cops,’ Marshall replied. ‘This is what we’re seeing every single day. This is what we’re seeing every single day. I got two kids in the car right now.’

The Broward Sheriff’s Office told the Miami New Times that deputies were called on August 17, but the incident didn’t warrant a police report.

‘The incident was resolved on scene between the two parties,’ a spokesperson told the Miami New Times in an email.

Marshall responded to the incident on Instagram afterwards, saying he was upset because it happened in front of his children.

‘It’s Real!!!’ he wrote in a caption. ‘I was so disappointed in myself for getting so emotional with my kids in the car BUT then I realized that being numb isn’t an option anymore’

Marshall’s did not accuse either security or law enforcement of getting physical with him.

However, on Instagram, he did plead with his followers to help him take action by voting this November.

‘I’ve been watching and processing the same injustice and unrest as you all the last few months,’ Marshall said. ‘We have experienced this pain our entire life. The awareness and conversations being started by protests are great, but it can’t end there. I’m tired of talking that leads to nowhere. I’m calling on powerful networks to take a chance and showcase the most important message in our country right now.

‘The path toward real change flows through the ballot box. The power belongs in the people’s hands. I’m not telling you to vote or who to vote for. I’m reminding you that you CAN vote. It is your RIGHT to have your voice heard.’

A former Central Florida standout who attended high school in Lake Howell, Florida, Marshall earned $80 million over 13 NFL seasons with the Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, and New York Jets. In 2018, his final season, Marshall made appearances for the New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks, and New Orleans Saints.

In 2011 he announced he suffered from borderline personality disorder, and has since worked to spread awareness of the condition. 

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