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Ex-con arrested for abusing cashier at New Jersey Costco

A convicted conman has been arrested for making terroristic threats after he was caught on camera verbally abusing a cashier at a New Jersey Costco.  

William Gilbert Commauf, 48, was taken into custody on Wednesday – a week after his menacing outburst took place inside a franchise in the town of Manahawkin. 

A clip of the incident was posted to TikTok, where it quickly went viral. Several viewers identified Commauf from the footage and contacted police. 

The 40-second clip starts with Commauf telling the female cashier to ‘shut up’, as several other shoppers watch on in shock. 

‘Shut your mouth and ring up my stuff. Shut up – do your job,’ Commauf can be heard ordering as the frazzled woman scans his groceries.  

Another shopper can be heard in the background saying that the incident is causing her ‘anxiety’, while a separate onlooker tells the cashier to ‘call a manager’. 

‘I ain’t embarrassed,’ Commauf replies, before saying: ‘You ain’t tough enough to stop me.’

The ex-con then starts to make threats against the cashier’s husband – whom he has never met. 

‘Where’s your husband? ‘I’ll smack him around, you old hag. Ring up my s**t, you old hag,’ Commauf continues. 

Another customer attempts to intervene, before Commauf threatens to ‘knock them out’.  

The clip ends before Commauf pays for his products, but he allegedly left the store believing he’d got away with his abusive tirade. 

However, Stafford Township cops caught up with him on Wednesday, and promptly took him into custody. 

Commauf is now facing charges of terroristic threats, harassment and disorderly conduct, and remains in the Ocean County Jail. 

He faces up to five years in prison if convicted. 

Commauf has a lengthy rap sheet and has served jail time in two separate states. 

According to The Asbury Park Press, he escaped from a New York state prison in the early 2000s after being incarcerated on a robbery charge. 

He has also been jailed in Texas for felony theft and has been convicted of assault in North Carolina. 

Commauf has also racked up drugs possession charges in Oklahoma and Utah. 

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