Elk dies after jumping from balcony of city centre apartment block in Sweden

An elk suffered an agonising death after it jumped off an apartment balcony in Sweden.

The large deer plummeted from a five-metre terrace after entering the housing block in Linköping, in the south of the country.

Police were told the animal had been wandering around the city centre on Saturday night.

Horrified witnesses recalled how it ran up a staircase before it leapt over a balcony railing at the apartment near the Stångån river.

The animal was so badly wounded after smashing down on the pavement that it died before a municipal hunter arrived to put it down.

Björn Öberg, a spokesman for the police told broadcaster SVT: ‘It was walking around Drottninggatan and Repslagargatan, among other streets.

‘When the police arrived on the scene at 9.40pm, the elk was lying wounded on the pavement but was still alive.

He added: ‘But by the time the municipal hunter arrived, it had died.’

It comes after an elk had to be shot dead when it entered the clubbing district in Gothenburg on May 4.

Police said it was distressed and causing a danger to traffic and the public as it moved towards the city’s Ullevi Stadium.

Professional hunters were called to kill the animal after officers had felt it would not be able to return to the forest.

Sweden has the highest population of elk per square kilometre of any country, with an average of 10-15 elk per 1,000 hectares.

There are more than 400,000 of the beasts before hunting season, which drops to around 300,000 after in the winter.

But another 100,000 are then born in the spring.


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