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Dr Dre’s wife Nicole Young claims he tore up prenup to his $800M fortune

Dr Dre’s wife Nicole Young claims she did sign a prenup ‘under pressure’ in 1996 before they tied the knot.

But the 50-year-old lawyer said that the 55-year-old rapper tore it up years later as a sign of his deep love for her, she claimed in new documents according to a Tuesday report from The Blast.

And Nicole added that she is going to court because while she does not want the prenup enforced, Dr Dre does. If the court sees it her way, she may get half of his reported $800M fortune. 

A source told TMZ, however, that Dre ‘he never expressed shame over the prenup and he never tore it up or said it was invalid.’

Young said in the documents that she and Dre should split all assets, including any cash and real estate. That would leave her with around $400M.

Dr Dre earned most of his $800M fortune from his successful headphone line, Beats By Dr Dre, which Apple acquired for $3B in 2014.

Young works as an attorney and was formerly married to NBA player Sedale Threatt.

Nicole also added in her filing that she felt pressure in 1996 to sign the prenup before they wed. 

In her declaration she said: ‘I must sign a premarital agreement or he would not marry me. I was extremely, reduction, resistant, and afraid to sign the agreement and felt backed into a corner.’ And she said she was ‘left with no option but to sign it “unwillingly.”‘

The TMZ source countered that she had her own lawyer look over the prenup. 

Nicole added that two or three years after they wed, he tore up the original prenup in front of her. 

According to the documents, she said Dre ‘destroyed the agreements as a grand gesture of his love for Nicole and his desire to have a marriage free of any financial restrictions governing their respective rights and responsibilities.’ 

Nicole claims Dre ‘felt ashamed he had pressured me into signing a premarital agreement and he tore up multiple copies of the agreement in front of me. Since the day he tore up the agreements, we both understood that there was no premarital agreement, and it was null and void.’  

She filed for divorce in June citing irreconcilable differences.

He has so far agreed to pay her spousal support but after that he feels the prenup should be followed.  

There is no need for child support because their kids are adults – they share daughter Truly Young, 19, and son Truice Young, 23. 

Dre is being represented by high-powered celebrity divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, who filed on his behalf. Young is being represented by celebrity attorney Samantha Spector in the divorce whose notable clients include Jenna Dewan and Amber Heard.

His paperwork also noted the date of separation as March 27, weeks after the coronavirus lockdown began. 

It also came a month after Dre gave an interview in February discussing his wife’s plans for his birthday celebration.

Dre rose to prominence as the founder of Death Row Records in the 1990s before launching his hugely lucrative Beats Electronics brand in 2006. 

The rapper, who is also the founder and CEO of Aftermath Entertainment, married Nicole on May 25, 1996.  

They made their last public appearance as a couple at the Tom Ford fashion show with their daughter Truly in February this year. 

The same month, Dre talked about his birthday plans that included his wife, during an interview with BigBoyTV.  

He said: ‘I decided to just keep it low-key this time — I’m going to have a few friends over and my wife is going to do a crab boil for me. I love crab. We’re just going to kick it, kick it in my backyard.’

Dre has often posted sweet messages about his marriage on his Instagram, revealing in 2018 that he has whisked his wife away to New York via helicopter to see the musical Hamilton for their 22nd wedding anniversary. 

A year earlier he proudly posted a tribute writing: ‘Married 21 years!!! The Defiant Ones!!!’ a reference to the documentary about Dre and his music industry legend friend Jimmy Iovine.  

And there appears to be a lot at stake as the terms of their prenup remain unknown.

In 2014, the music company that Dre established, Beats, was sold to Apple for $3billion, which lead to him being hailed as the ‘first billionaire in hip-hop’ though Forbes recently pegged his wealth at $800million.

The same year, the rapper purchased a $40million home in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles in from its previous owners, NFL player Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen. 

In 2001, it was reported that Dre earned a total of about $52million from selling part of his share of Aftermath Entertainment to Interscope Records, as well as producing the mega-hit Family Affair by Mary J. Blige.  

Meanwhile, Dre has had a complicated personal life and has six children, four sons and two daughters, by five different women.

He was just 16 when he and his then-15-year-old girlfriend Cassandra Joy Green had their first child together, a son named Curtis. Dre did not meet his son until 20 years later, according to multiple reports.

Then in 1983, Dre welcomed a daughter named La Tanya Danielle Young with Lisa Johnson. 

His son Andre Young Jr., tragically died aged 20 in 2008 after a reported drug overdose. He had been the subject of a paternity dispute in 1990 when his mother, Jenita Porter, filed a lawsuit seeking $5,000 of child support per month. 

Dre also has a son named Marcel with the singer Michel’le, who was born in 1988. 

In 2015, Dre was forced to issue a public apology after many women came forward to accuse him of abuse, including his ex Michel’le, ’90s female rapper Tairrie B, and hip-hop journalist Dee Barnes. 

He did not address each allegation individually, but said in a statement: ‘Twenty-five years ago I was a young man drinking too much and in over my head with no real structure in my life.

‘However, none of this is an excuse for what I did. I’ve been married for 19 years and every day I’m working to be a better man for my family, seeking guidance along the way. I’m doing everything I can so I never resemble that man again.’

He added: ‘I apologize to the women I’ve hurt. I deeply regret what I did and know that it has forever impacted all of our lives.’ 

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