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Donald Trump says there is ‘too much income disparity’ in the US as he shares video of Jeff Bezos

Donald Trump has hit out at America’s tech billionaires, saying there is ‘too much income disparity’ in the US, as he shared a video clip on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s multibillion-dollar fortune.  

Trump on Saturday said ‘changes must be made soon’, after tweeting a Business Insider video showing how the country’s richest tech execs have only grown richer during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Meanwhile, 40million Americans have filed for unemployment.  

The report showed Bezos, the world’s richest man who is worth $117billion, raked in a whopping $48billion between March and June.

At the same time, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan saw his income increase by $2.5billion, while former Microsoft chief and now LA Clippers owner Steve Ballmer made an extra $15.7billion. 

Collectively, America’s billionaires made a total of $637billion during the height of a global health crisis that has otherwise destroyed the economy, according to BI.  

‘I actually agree with this. Too much income disparity! Changes must be made, and soon!’ Trump said on Twitter. 

The president’s comments come days after a high-profile congressional hearing  during which lawmakers accused Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google of crushing rivals to boost profits. 

America’s largest tech firms have come under fire over the years due to their enormous power and wealth, prompting calls for government regulation. 

Bezos has also been criticized over his immense wealth, particularly when it comes to the issue of income disparity in America, with the billionaire being accused of greed after it was revealed Amazon had avoided paying income taxes in 2018.   

It also comes amid mounting pressure for Republicans and Democrats to finalize a deal for a fourth stimulus package after the government’s $600-per-week unemployment benefits expired this week. 

Trump on Thursday promised he would push for Congress to include in the fourth COVID-19 stimulus package another round of checks for Americans – similar to the $1,200 checks that were circulated, and signed by the president, earlier this year.   

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