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Donald Trump says the ten most dangerous cities in the United States are run by Democrats  

Donald Trump has said that the ten most dangerous cities in the United States are all run by Democrats, in a tweet sent shortly before his vital closing speech to the Republican National Convention.

‘The Ten Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S. are ALL run by Democrats, and this has gone on for DECADES!’ he tweeted on Thursday night.

‘Democrats and Biden didn’t even mention the Anarchists, Agitators, Looters and so called ‘Peaceful Protesters’ at their Convention. 

‘They will allow rampant crime, just as they do in Portland. If they ask us, as they must do, we will end crime in their Democrat run cities, FAST!’

The previous night, Mike Pence told the RNC: ‘The hard truth is … you won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.’ 

Trump, who is campaigning on a law and order platform, did not provide any data to support his claim, and the ‘top ten’ listing varies depending on which statistics are used.

However, it is true that many of the cities with the highest homicide rates in the United States – St Louis, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Baltimore – are run by Democrats.

They are also cities with high levels of inequality, and Democrats tend to live in urban areas.

New York City, with a Democrat mayor and a Democrat governor, is suffering from a dramatic uptick in shootings. 

Since late May, violent crime has spike in the city, raising fears among long-time residents that the ‘bad old days’ could return.

Last month, shooting incidents across the city were up 177 per cent compared to last year, according to NYPD data. Murders were up 59 per cent for the month, burglaries rose 31 per cent, and auto thefts increased 53 per cent. 

For the month, shootings were at levels not seen in the city since the mid-90s.  

Critics of the president pointed out that the crime and unrest was taking place under his administration. 

Police have shot and killed 1,019 people this year, according to a Washington Post database. 

Based on data reporters have been collecting since 2015, the paper also found that police have killed black Americans at over twice the rate of white Americans. 

As of earlier this year, the number of police killings was comparable to that of previous years, including those that were tracked during President Barack Obama’s administration.

This summer’s demonstrations, which have helped drive a shift in public opinion about the presence of racism in policing, have also been the scene of police violence against protesters. 

In cities across the country, police have escalated attacks on protesters and used tools including pepper spray, tear gas, and rubber bullets to do so.

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, protests against police brutality draw a crowd of self-styled ‘militia’ to ‘protect’ the streets, resulting in the murder of two people on Tuesday night. 

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