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Donald Trump says country might have to ‘do election AGAIN’

President Donald Trump inveighed against mail-in voting at a White House event on women’s suffrage – where he said the practice would be such a ‘disaster’ it might force a redo of the November election. 

Trump complained that mail-in voting amounted to sending ‘millions and millions of ballots all over the place’ – and said he stood by his own proscribed election practices ‘win, lose, or draw.’

But after blasting the new efforts to use the mail for expanded voting during a Monday midwestern campaign swing, Trump raised the possibility the elections would have to be run a second time – a remedy that is not included in the Constitution.   

‘It’ll end up being a rigged election or they will never come out with an outcome. They’ll have to do it again and nobody wants that and I don’t want that,’ Trump said. 

‘You can’t take millions of ballots send them haphazardly all over the country or all over a state and expect to come out properly,’ he said. He expressed the view that absentee voting ‘is great,’ then added: ‘But universal [mail voting] is going to be a disaster the likes of which our country has never seen.’

The Constitution sends disputed presidential elections to the House. Various states allow for candidates and voters to request recounts (43 of them, according to the National Council of State Legislatures).  

‘You have to get voting right. You can’t have millions and millions of ballots sent all over the place,’ the president said at the White House, where he announced he was granting a posthumous pardon to women’s suffrage pioneer Susan B. Anthony. 

Trump said ballots were ‘sent to people that are dead. Sent to dogs, cats. This is a serious situation. This isn’t games.’

He added: ‘And you have to get it right. I just want to get it right. Win lose, or draw. I think we’re going to win. Win, lose, or draw, we have to get it right.’

Trump’s brief mention of redoing the election in case of widespread mail voting comes after he commented about holding office for a third term at an event in Wisconsin.

He attacked his Democratic opponents as ‘fascists’ and ‘radicals.’ 

Speaking in Oshkosh, Wisconsin Monday, he told cheering supporters he would serve for ‘four more years’ – and beyond.

At that event, he said he deserved a ‘redo’ due to what he called ‘spying’ on his campaign during the Obama administration. 

Trump made the remark, which drew chuckles applause from a few hundred supporters who gathered in an airport hangar, that he deserved a ‘redo’ due to what he called ‘spying’ on his campaign during the Obama administration.

It’s a once off-limit topic the president has joked about online, even as rival Joe Biden has raised his own fear that Trump will contest the election results and try not to leave the White House.

Trump drew some spontaneous applause of ‘Four More Years!’ from crowd members when he talked about the economic agenda he would like to continue.

‘Four more years!’ said crowd-members, including a group of elderly supporters in Trump gear who threw their hands in the air.

‘And then after that we’ll go for another four years,’ Trump continued. ‘You know what, they spied on my campaign so we should get a redo,’ Trump said.  

Trump then teed off on what he sometimes calls Obamagate, which includes allegations of FBI misconduct and corruption against him.

‘You can call it whatever you want. I use the word treason,’ Trump said.

The 22nd Amendment, passed by Congress after the death of F.D.R. and ratified in 1951, limits a president to being elected to two terms in office.

Biden in June said his ‘single greatest concern’ is that Trump will ‘try to steal this election.’

Since then, Democrats have howled at Trump’s attacks on mail-in ballots and the Postal Service.

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