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Donald Trump launches scathing assault on Joe Biden and his presidential chances

President Trump has hit back against Joe Biden in an explosive tweet on Saturday morning, branding the presidential hopeful as a ‘reclamation project’ who has ‘deserted’ the US Military, law enforcement and healthcare industry.


The outburst came after the former vice president branded Trump a ‘bully’ in an interview on Friday. 

In what is likely his harshest condemnation of the Democratic front-runner yet, Trump added that ‘some things are just not salvageable’, before he attacked Biden’s role as Obama’s vice president and the trade policies they struck with China.

‘China and other countries that ripped us off for years are begging for him. He deserted our military, our law enforcement and our healthcare. Added more debt than all other Presidents combined.’

Trump ended the scathing statement by dismissing Biden’s chance of ever commanding the White House, simply concluding that he ‘won’t win’ in 2020.

The outburst comes as one of many between the pair since Biden – or ‘Sleepy Joe’ as Trump regularly calls him – officially launched his presidential bid.

Speaking to CNN on Friday, Biden referred to Trump as a school-yard bully, a character reminiscent of those that he used to stand up to as a child.

‘He’s the bully that I knew my whole life. He’s the bully that I’ve always stood up to. He’s the bully that used to make fun when I was a kid that I stutter,’ he said, tersely adding: ‘And I’d smack him in the mouth.

He also vented about the president’s personal-space-invading debate manner with Hillary Clinton in 2016, when he hovered behind her as she answered questions.

‘You walk behind me in a debate? Come here man,’ the former vice president said, fists clenched.

In retort, Trump insisted that he wasn’t a bully and used the line of conversation to once again poke holes in his opponent’s political resume.

‘I don’t think I’m a bully at all. I just don’t like being taken advantage of by other countries, by pharmaceutical companies, by all of the people that had taken advantage of this country,’ Trump said. ‘I call it the Obama-Biden mess.’

Election polls are currently indicating that Biden, along with other promising Democratic hopefuls Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders, are all leading Trump in hypothetical head-to-head showdowns.

The same polls also suggest that Biden would best Trump in a hypothetical general election.

Biden’s lead over his Democratic colleagues has started to slip in recent weeks, most notably after Senator Kamala Harris attacked his civil-rights record during the June 27 debates, citing his previous stances on busing and desegregation.

Biden was billed for 23 percent of the support in a poll published by the Economist on Wednesday. 

Elizabeth Warren is his closest slated competitor with 19 percent of support, followed by Harris with 15 percent.

His lead has dropped two points since June 27. A poll published by the same outlet the evening prior to the debate had Biden at support share of 25 percent.

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