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Donald Trump hosts annual Governor’s Ball alongside First Lady Melania at White House

President Donald Trump hosted the annual Governor’s Ball at the White House on Sunday where he praised governor’s for their ‘tremendous’ work this year, but took some of the credit by praising his own leadership. 

The president walked into the ball hosted in the East Room of the White House hand-in-hand with First Lady Melania who wore a black sleeveless floor-length gown for the special occasion. 

Trump first praised Melania for her preparations for the black-tie event saying, ‘I want to thank the First Lady for having done such a beautiful job with the settings and all of the things. She works very hard on these things, so I want to thank her very much.’

He went on to praise the governors who arrived for the event calling the gathering ‘an incredible group of people.’

‘I know just about all of you, and we argue a little bit, but 90 percent of the time we get along,’ Trump said. ‘And I just said, “Call the White House, call me anytime you have difficulty, because we’re all in this together.”‘

‘So I just want to congratulate you on having done, in all cases, a great job. Most of the states, almost everyone, has set a record. You’ve had a record — virtually every state,’ Trump commended. 

‘But the fact is you’ve — you’ve all — I know you very well. You’ve done a tremendous job. It’s not easy being governor. And it’s — you just look at the way our country is doing: We’ve never done as well as we’re doing right now,’ he continued. 

In his speech Trump touted the success of his administration and mentioned recent trade teals with China, Mexico, Canada, and Japan and South Korea, telling the governor’s their state’s will reap the benefits. 

Trump then asked the press to leave the event and proposed that instead of ‘small talk’ that governors directly approach him with their issues and ideas.   

‘When they depart, we’ll start asking questions, making statements. You can make — if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them. If you have any questions, I’d love to answer them for you,’ he said.  

The governors will return to the White House for another session with Trump on Monday.  

Trump said he knows just about all the governors who attended. 

They included Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat who won a second term last year despite Trump’s efforts to engineer his defeat. Also present was Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a moderate Republican who considered challenging Trump for the party’s presidential nomination. 

Trump is extremely popular with the GOP base. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is close to Trump, scored a seat at the head table with the president and First Lady Melania. 

Melania Trump shared photos of her preparations for the elaborate dinner on Saturday, posing in front of the carefully decorated tables and dinner settings. 

‘Looking forward to hosting members of the @governors_nga & their spouses at the @WhiteHouse Governor’s Ball tomorrow night. It is an annual tradition to come together for a bipartisan gala to strengthen the friendships between states & their leaders,’ she captioned her post.  

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