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Dogs indulge in the ‘woof waltz’ and ‘canine conga’

Talented dogs indulge in the ‘woof waltz’ and ‘canine conga’ after they were taught how to dance by a teacher who bribed them with treats in the Philippines.

Jeric Sadullo has adopted more than 20 dogs, one of whom he rescued from the streets, and spends his spare time playing with them and teaching them how to dance.  

He bribes the dogs with treats for attempting dance moves – and posts images of his menagerie ‘dancing’ on social media to raise awareness about dog welfare and to call on others to treat canines with respect.

‘We spend a lot of time playing with my dogs on my breaks from work,’ he said. ‘I work in the city and can come home only on weekends. My family takes care of my dogs with two hired helpers. 

‘It is during this playtime where I explored taking pictures of the dogs for sharing. And while I’m away, I would just browse my captures and share them on social media. 

‘I’m not a trained photographer and just tried to learn my way with loads of playtime, treats, good timing and fast setting for my old camera. 

‘That’s when I realised there are a lot of things we are missing from the actions and reactions of dogs. It’s too fast for the naked eye.

He added: ‘My photos are well received, and I put characters on the dogs because I’m trying to influence a thought in someone’s mind. For them to pay attention to their pets and do the things that a responsible pet owner must do.’

Photographs reveal two black pugs along with several other breeds of dog posing for the photos. 

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