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Dog lost on South Carolina highway found in Miami

This is the emotional moment a puppy who jumped from the window of a moving car was reunited with her 90-year-old owner after being found 600 miles away.

Belle, a poodle puppy, vanished two weeks ago after she jumped out of a car being driven by Tim Whitfield – whose mother owns Belle – in Charleston, South Carolina.

He launched a frantic search for the dog online, and she was eventually traced to Miami, where a passerby had taken her to stop her being hit by traffic.

Tim managed to get in contact with the rescuers, then drove to get Belle before capturing the moment she was reunited with his mother.

Writing on Facebook, Tim said: ‘Through a miracle from God, your prayers, active searching and sharing, Belle has been found in Miami. 

‘Our God deserves all the glory because this is an absolute miracle! A great reminder that when all seems lost, hope must be the constant thought.

‘I will never, ever be able to thank each of you enough for your loving care, from people I’ve never met to the best of friends, for your endearing love and prayers. 

‘It will never be forgotten…and please use our circumstance to remind you that God watches over everything, no matter how small! Blessings to everyone!!’

The saga began on July 15 when Whitfield, wife Alina, and their eight-year-old niece were driving through West Ashley, a suburb of Charleston.

Belle was in the back with their niece and at some point managed to jump out of the window, though none of the car’s occupants noticed until three miles had passed.

Whitfield said the trio immediately turned around and went back to try and find the dog, but no trace of her could be found.

He then started posting on Facebook, offering a reward of $1,000 which soon increased to $2,000 for the return of Belle.

‘My Mom is heartbroken,’ he wrote online. ‘Her dog of 16 years had just recently passed so Belle was purchased to help calm her sorrow. 

‘When she received the puppy, she kept asking me, “Tim, I don’t want to have to bury another dog before I die.”

‘Mathematically, I assured her that that probably wouldn’t happen. I’m not giving up hope!’

Eventually Tim reached out to local news station NBC4, which put out an appeal for Belle’s safe return.

Someone then got in contact to say they had seen two Hispanic men picking up the dog from the side of the road and driving away.

After putting posts in Hispanic Facebook groups, Tim eventually found a match – with someone living in Florida.

The man who rescued the dog said he was passing through Charleston on his way to Miami when he spotted Belle in traffic.

He picked her up to stop her from getting hurt, before taking her with him to Florida.

Tim agreed to drive 600 miles south in order to pick up the dog, before taking her home to his mother.

He then posted emotional pictures on Facebook showing the pair reunited.  

Social media users commented their congratulations to Whitfield, with one person writing: ‘Praise God! So amazing!’

‘So happy Belle was found! Praise the Lord!’, another person commented.  

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