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De Blasio says it was an ‘overwhelmingly peaceful’ weekend despite skyrocketing crime figures

Bill de Blasio praised New York City for what he claimed was an ‘overwhelmingly peaceful’ Labor Day weekend despite gun arrests reaching a 25 year high last week and although there were 37 shootings on Labor Day alone, including the murder of a 62-year-old dog walker in Bay Ridge. 

There were 160 gun arrests the week ending September 6, Commissioner Dermot Sea said during an interview on Tuesday morning. 

On Monday, there were 37 alone. 

By the end of August, there had been 1,004 shootings in New York City – nearly double the 537 there were last year.  

At 12.50am on Sunday, a 25-year-old man was shot in the head as he sat next to his wife in a car in Queens.

It’s unclear what the motive was but it is believed the man was caught in a hail of bullets and may not necessarily have been the target.

The woman reported it to police.

An hour later, another man was shot dead after a dispute outside his home – also in Queens.

On Monday morning at 6.50am, Michael Scully, 62, was shot dead while walking his dogs in Bay Ridge. 

It’s unclear who attacked him or what the motive was. Scully has been described as friends as a peaceful man.

Despite all the bloodshed, de Blasio said on Tuesday: ‘Thank God none have life-threatening injuries. Except for that incident, overwhelmingly we had a peaceful weekend in central Brooklyn and it really is because of the hard work of everyone.’ 

He was talking about a six-year-old boy was shot during a Caribbean festival in Brooklyn just three hours before a 62-year-old man was killed while walking his dogs. 

The NYPD is increasingly frustrated by de Blasio’s refusal to accept the escalating crime problem.

On Twitter, the SBA – the largest police union – said it was ‘hard to call safe’ a man being murdered in broad daylight. 

There were 242 shootings across New York City in the month of August, more than double the 91 that happened in the same month last year.

De Blasio is among the “radical left” leaders that President Trump has threatened to eradicate if he wins again in November.

Trump has vowed to “bring back New York” after watching it turn to lawlessness over the last six months.

The coronavirus pandemic gave way to a rise in homelessness. De Blasio also tried to stop infection rates from growing inside shelters by moving 13,000 homeless people into hotels around the city, some of them luxury establishments in upmarket neighborhoods.

It drove a spike in crime in otherwise gentile family neighborhoods like the Upper West Side.

He also took $1billion from the NYPD’s budget which they say has crippled their ability to do their jobs.

The decision was made after a surge in pressure on de Blasio and the city council amid Black Lives Matter protests in June.

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