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David Blaine will attempt to fly through the air holding balloons from New Jersey to New York

World-renowned magician and endurance artist David Blaine will attempt his first live stunt in nearly 10-years later this month.

For his next death-defying feat dubbed Ascension, Blaine will float high into the air while holding a cluster of helium-filled balloons.

‘This stunt has been 10 years in the making. Let’s turn worry into wonder and take magic to new heights,’ Blaine tweeted out on Wednesday during his announcement for the August 31 live event that will air on his YouTube channel.

New York and New Jersey will serve as the backdrop for the multi-hour livestream.

Blaine will take to the skies from New Jersey and then attempt to float across the Hudson River to his hometown of New York City, all while hanging below the assorted balloons, according to.

‘Watch in disbelief as David Blaine magically ascends above Earth, in his biggest live performance yet,’ YouTube said during its announcement. 

Blaine also shared a promotional video on social media that begins with an aerial view amid a cluster of white clouds.

‘On August 31, worry becomes wonder; anxiety turns to awe; and the mundane becomes the magical,’ flashes across the promo one-by-one with hypnotic piano playing in the background.

About midway through the clip, one purple balloon floats into view as the music leads into a dramatic crescendo.

Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone chatted with Blaine, after he announced his latest stunt, and shared a clip on his Instagram page.

‘I must admit I’m getting jaded; it’s hard for me to get impressed, but when this guy [Blaine] shows up — time stands still,’ the Rocky star confessed as the famed illusionist stood next to him in the backyard of his home, which appears to be Los Angeles.

Stallone went on to reveal that Blaine told him about his ‘strange idea’ about a year ago, and that he thought he was going ‘cuckoo’  when he learned the logistics of the death-defying stunt.   

‘It’s the most, what would you say, the most ambitious thing probably ever accomplished by a human being,’ the actor, 74, said as he turned towards Blaine with astonishment and asked if he was nervous.

‘No I’m excited. This is all I’ve been thinking about since I was a little kid,’ Blaine responded with a look of pure joy on his face. 

‘You’re always so calm; I’d be freaking out man,’ Stallone added.  

Blaine has riveted audiences with his high-profile feats since gaining recognition beginning in 1997.

Some of his stunts include: being buried in a box under a three-ton water tank for seven days without any food and tablespoons of water per day in New York (1999);   standing on a pillar in New York City for 72 hours while he was subjected to 1 million volts of electricity (2002); and being submerged in a water-filled sphere for seven days in New York (2006).    

Blaine is set to hit the skies of the Garden State and float away towards the Big Apple on Monday, August 31 on .    

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