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Dad almost falls off go-kart after offering driving tips

This is the embarrassing moment a go-karting father gave his children some driving advice that he might want to reconsider.

Footage shows the man racing around a Canadian garden and telling his children  ‘never take your foot off the gas ‘ – before losing control and almost overturning the go-kart.

The clip, captured in Edmonton, Alberta, demonstrates exactly why you should stay focused and perhaps slow down while driving.

The footage starts with the go-kart speeding round a house and up a small hill in the garden. 

The unnamed father keeps a tight hold on the steering wheel until he approaches his giggling children. 

As he comes closer, he takes one hand off to wag a finger, saying: ‘Never take your foot off the gas.’ 

As he finishes his words of advice, the go-kart veers sharply to the right and almost tips him out. 

The man uses a hand to right himself and manages to regain control of the vehicle but ends up in the bushes. 

He takes the embarrassing fail in good humour and laughs with his children once the go-kart is upright. 

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