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Coronavirus US: Bryce Hall party attendee blasts LA ‘communism’

A guest at the ‘covid party’ that caused TikTokker Bryce Hall’s house to have its power shut off by the Los Angeles Mayor has blasted the move as ‘communism’ and says people scared of the virus are ‘chicken s**t’.

Michael Hollywood, an entrepreneur who provides strippers and dwarfs at LA parties, spoke exclusively to about TikTok star Bryce Hall’s 21st birthday bash in Encino on August 14 that sparked the power shutoff.

Police posted warnings at Hall’s Hollywood Hills mansion after he hosted a raucous party with dozens of guests failing to practice social distancing or wear masks on August 8 – but the final straw was his 21st blowout with strippers and booze just six days later at an Encino pad where videos showed hundreds of guests including other TikTok stars.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Wednesday he had ordered the city to shut off power to Hall’s home, which he rents with his ‘Sway House’ TikTok crew Noah Beck and Blake Gray.

The stripper company CEO, who attended the birthday party ‘to be free for a few hours’, told he believed the risk of COVID-19 was exaggerated.

‘At the end of the day, more people die from sugar and the flu and pharmaceutical medicine,’ he said.

‘People are just chicken s**ts and I’m tired of it. I know people are passing but the numbers are also getting messed with.

‘I’m not saying that Covid-19 is not a problem, it is, but I just think it’s not a big enough problem for us to sit here and play dead until this is figured out.’

The 44-year-old CEO of Godfather Hollywood Productions, which provides strippers and dwarfs for parties plus apparel and website services, said partygoers should be free to make their own choices.

‘In America we are a free country so isn’t disconnecting someone’s utilities going down the road of communism?’ he said.

‘People were not dragged down there and handcuffed to the party, these were willing people that went down there.

‘There was sanitizer, they did take precautions, probably not to the standard that the Governor wanted but are we really going to cut off electricity?’

Videos of the party shared on social media showed around 20 male and female strippers, including one dressed as a police officer giving Hall a lap dance, as well as mask-less guests partying shoulder to shoulder.

Hollywood claimed the hosts were ‘good kids’ and were doing ‘nothing illegal’, although the mayor claims the party violated his order earlier in August which warned large parties would be punished by utility shutoffs.

After Hall’s first party on August 8, police posted a warning outside his Hollywood Hills pad ‘providing notice that violations of the Order are subject to civil and criminal penalties’, and visited again at around 4am on the August 14 birthday bash to give a final notice.

On Wednesday, Garcetti announced the power to their Hollywood home had been shut off.

‘Despite several warnings, this house has turned into a nightclub in the hills, hosting large gatherings in flagrant violation of our public health orders,’ the mayor’s statement said. ‘The City has now disconnected utilities at this home to stop these parties that endanger our community.’

Hall and his TikTok crew posted a video on the app mocking the city’s warnings, with the three men shirtless and turning their lights on and off with the caption ‘our lights keep flickering for some reason.’

In his interview with, Hollywood argued that the revelers’ freedoms were more important than the ‘1% chance’ of getting the virus – and that Hall wasn’t alone in his decision to host a blowout.

‘I’m waiting to see if there are any positive tests but if there is, guess what? You just have a 1% change of not making it, I’m sure the 99% chance of making it will kick in with these young kids,’ the stripper CEO claimed.

‘Everybody was having a good time, it was so much fun to see people get together and celebrate freedom,’ he said. ‘Because guess what? We haven’t seen that in months. This thing is really taking a toll on a free country like us and people are not going to go for it if it gets any worse.

‘Don’t cut electricity off kids who are just having fun, they all chose to get together and it was an amazing time… It felt good to be free for a few hours.

‘There’s celebrity parties that are going on all the time, they’re just indoors and they keep it quiet.

‘That one (Bryce Hall’s) was just huge and that’s why it got broke up by law enforcement but they’re everywhere.’

The Los Angeles Police Department issued citations at 13 homes hosting parties last weekend, the Los Angeles Times reported, and warned the residents their power could be shut off if they did it again.

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