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Cops search for parents of toddler found wandering in Florida

A toddler who was found wandering around a Florida neighborhood in a soiled diaper and without shoes over the weekend has still not been claimed by a parent or guardian, police said Monday morning.

According to officers from the Miramar Police Department said the child was discovered near the 1860 block of SW 68th Avenue on Sunday morning. 

Since then, police officers have worked to locate the parents of the toddler, who is believed to be about two or three years old.

Authorities said officers have been going door-to-door in a bid to locate someone who may know the toddler or his parents are. 

According to WPLG, a woman found the toddler and walked over to her neighbor’s home. 

Lori Rodriguez said her neighbor thought that she may have known who the little boy belonged to. 

‘We walked around and looked to see if anyone was nearby. None of us have ever seen the baby before,’ Rodriguez told the station. 

Rodriguez took the child in, changed his diaper and called local police. 

She told the station that aside from his diaper being soiled, the toddler looked like he was in good health.   

In an update Monday morning, police said: ‘His family has NOT been located. Officers spent hours canvassing the area, knocking on doors, speaking w/ neighbors. 

‘No one recognizes the child,’ police said. 

Footage of the adorable toddler shows him interacting with police officers at the station and pushing around a chair. 

The toddler is now in the custody of Child Protective Services as police continue their investigation. 

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