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Cop kicks and drag female driver during traffic stop in McDonald’s parking lot in San Jose

A police officer kicked and dragged a woman during an arrest in a McDonald’s parking lot in San Jose, California, that was filmed by a DoorDash delivery man Wednesday.

The emergence of the footage has now landed the cop on desk duty while an internal investigation over the use of force is underway.

At the time of the arrest at a McDonald’s at Santa Clara and 28th streets around 5.45pm Wednesday, cops armed with a seizure warrant had stopped the vehicle after it eluded authorities that same day and previously on July 18, police said.

The department, which originally said the matter was handled without incident, chose not to identify the cop during the probe. 

compliant, yet he kicked her while she was on the ground and then continued to punch her and then DRAG HER???? THIS WAS AT MCDONALDS ON SANTA CLARA IN SAN JOSE!!!!!

The woman, Guadalupe Esperanza Marin, 39, was arrested on charges of driving on a suspended license, possession of paraphernalia and resisting arrest, the San Jose Spotlight reported. 

Police told the San Jose Mercury News that they had been trying to stop the car because of an expired registration. The vehicle was impounded.

A woman and two children, who were passengers in the vehicle during the traffic stop, can be heard in the footage taken of the incident pleading with another officer that the vehicle had just been purchased.  

The footage was shot by DoorDash employee Josh Gil as he was preparing meals for a delivery run. 

‘I heard the cops pull up behind that woman. I think she was with a family member and two kids,’ he told San Jose Spotlight.

‘They pulled the guns out on them and demanded to get out of the car,’ Gil said. 

The delivery man then described watching how a cop began kicking the driver.

‘He gave her, like, a spartan kick, like an unnecessary spartan kick to the stomach,’ Gil said ‘You just see her wind get knocked out right off bat.’ 

Gil said he believes cops suspected the vehicle was stolen. People can be heard in the footage saying that the car had just been purchased.

‘Even if she was guilty of the crime they suspected her of committing, they shouldn’t have used that excessive force on her because she was being compliant,’ Gil said. 

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