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Coco Austin updates fans on her dad’s condition after he spent a month in the hospital with COVID-19

Coco Austin had good news for her 3M Instagram followers as she revealed that her father had finally returned home after being in the hospital with COVID-19 for nearly a month.

The 41-year-old model and actress shared a new photo to Instagram on Wednesday of her father Steve Austin, 63, from just before he left the hospital, along with a chilling video of him confessing his fears of being intubated.

She first revealed that her dad had contracted the coronavirus late last month, after months of dismissing it as a hoax.

Aside from appearing a bit thinner, Steve looked strong and determined in the closeup of him sitting in a wheelchair while wearing a gray hospital gown.

‘My dad got ill on Father Day and was admited to the ICU that week because he having breathing problems.. They have since kept him for almost a month now..,’ Coco began her caption.

‘I like to tell his story because my dad,amongs many others, thought Covid was a conspiracy and he was a non believer and never wore a mask..

‘This was all hitting too close to home when I for one have been obsessed with this whole #coronavirus thing since day one..watching day after day the news and TV programs for 5 months of people dying or becoming sick and not being able recover,’ she continued.

Coco mentioned that she wore a mask in public and even put on gloves while grocery shopping, and she passed on the lesson about regularly sanitizing her hands to her four-year-old daughter Chanel, whom she shares with her husband Ice-T, 62.

Coco wrote that her father was in great shape for his age, but he still needed to be hooked up to oxygen because ‘Covid destroys your lungs and some people dont ever recover even when surviving this crazy virus.’

‘The first week my dad was in the hospital the nurses notified me to prepare my family for an emergency intubation and i got so scared cuz my dads wishes were to not be knocked out.(for those that dont know.They medically induce a coma and put you on a ventilator for an unknown period of time ..there is a high percentage of death once you get to that point,’ she wrote.

According to the Ice Loves Coco star, prayer was responsible for helping her father. She credited a BiPAP machine (normally used to treat sleep apnea) and the immunosuppressant drug Tocilizumab, along with ‘plasma treatments’ for helping her father recover, though he suffered a ‘bump in the road’ when one of his lungs collapsed, though he subsequently recovered.

‘Everyday is baby steps and im excited to say today was his first day back home, but not completely out of the woods.He is teathered to a oxygen machine for who knows how long. All I do know is your prayers and “Get Well”wishes hepled me and my family through this tough time and I deeply appreciate that from the bottom of my heart ❤ [sic],’ she concluded.

In addition to the recent photo of her father, Coco included a more distressed picture of Steve with an oxygen mask on his face from June, along with a video of him taking an oxygen treatment.

‘It’s so discouraging’ he began from his hospital bed, explaining that he could only be on oxygen for so long before he would have to be ‘knock[ed] out for up to two weeks’ to be put on a ventilator. 

Earlier this month, Coco revealed the good news that she hadn’t been infected by her father when they spent Father’s Day together after started displaying symptoms.

She immediately went into quarantine and got tested, ‘which seemed forever to get results back,’ due to nationwide shortages of testing supplies.

The news was positive though, and Coco tested negative for the coronavirus. 

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