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Chris Pratt and his family enjoy a beach day while celebrating 4th of July weekend with the Kennedys

Chris Pratt appeared to be enjoying his vacation at the Kennedy home over the 4th of July weekend, taking some family time at the beach with his wife and son. 


The ‘Jurassic World’ actor gave a thumbs up while pulling a wonky face as he relaxed at Cape Cod beach with Katherine Schwarzenegger and his son Jack. 

Pratt sported simple black swim trunks while he watched his son and another child play in the sand. 

His wife rocked an apricot orange one-piece swimsuit to the beach. 

The beach was a popular destination for the Schwarzeneggers as Patrick showed off his own musclebound summer body when he was seen wandering shirtless through Hyannis Port this weekend. 

When he was spotted out this Saturday, Patrick also rocked a rugged beard and tied part of his long brown hair into a ponytail. 

The family’s beach day comes just days after they posed in the Kennedy’s family photo at their Hyannis Port compound.  

It was a bit bittersweet this year though as missing from the photo was Ethel Kennedy, 91, marking the first time she has been absent for the long-running tradition.

Her son Robert F Kennedy Jr also seemed to be missing at first glance, but was instead tucked away in the back with wife Cheryl Hines, with the pair almost as far away as they could possibly be from Robert’s sister Kerry Kennedy and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. 

That distance was likely due to his sisters taking very public stands against their brother when he decided to become an advocate for the anti-vaccination movement that continues to build support in some pockets of the country.

Hines meanwhile was not the only celebrity in attendance this year thanks to a rare appearance from Maria Shriver and her children, which included Scwarzenegger and Pratt.

Ethel was out earlier in the day for another annual tradition, The Hyannis Port Fourth of July Parade.

She was seen sitting in the family’s ubiquitous golf cart as she traveled the parade route with her daughters Kerry and Kathleen, who was also celebrating her birthday on Thursday.

Later the three posed up for photos after changing clothes and decorating the cart with bows and a rainbow flag. 

Kathleen, who currently serves as the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland,  managed to draw her brother’s ire after she published an open letter denouncing remarks he had made and declaring that her was ‘tragically wrong about vaccines.’

That letter was largely filled with information and statistics about vaccination and outbreaks, but did take aim at the oldest son of the late Robert F Kennedy.

‘These tragic numbers are caused by the growing fear and mistrust of vaccines—amplified by internet doomsayers,’ stated the letter at one point.

‘Robert F. Kennedy Jr. … is part of this campaign to attack the institutions committed to reducing the tragedy of preventable infectious diseases.’

It then added: ‘He has helped to spread dangerous misinformation over social media and is complicit in sowing distrust of the science behind vaccines.’

That letter was also signed by Robert’s brother, former congressman Joseph P. Kennedy II as well as his niece Maeve Kennedy McKean, who serves as the executive director of Georgetown University’s Global Health Initiatives.

All three also made a point of expressing their love for ‘Bobby’ in the letter, and his work on environmental issues.

Kerry, who is heads up the family’s charitable organization and is the former wife of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, kept her criticism of her brother brief and concise. 

She posted a link to her sister’s letter on Twitter and wrote: ‘I love my brother. Please do what he did, not what he says. Vaccinate your children.’ 

Pratt meanwhile made the trip with his son Jack for the holiday.

Jack did not pose with his dad and instead was seen up front with some members of the Shriver family, whom he met last month at his dad’s wedding.  

It was rare appearance for Maria and her children, who often spend the holiday in Los Angeles.

Her sons Patrick and Christopher did remain back in California for the Fourth, but then caught a red eye so that they could join the family Thursday night. 

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