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Chinese triad leader dubbed ‘the emperor’ is EXECUTED

A notorious triad leader in China has been executed after running a 196-member criminal organisation and terrorising a county for 30 years.

Huang Hongfa, who was known locally as ‘the emperor’, was put to death today by a regional court after receiving the death sentence at a re-trial in March.

He had been found guilty of 17 charges, including organising and leading an organisation of a gangland nature, intentional assault and offering bribes.

Hongfa’s underground gang was the largest and longest-running of its kind in the province of Hainan in southern China, according to the Hainan Provincial High People’s Court.

The court said Hongfa, whose age was not revealed, and his partners-in-crime had been operating unlawful businesses. The had owned illegal casinos and mines, and intimidated residents since the 1980s. 

It added that Hongfa and others had gained 2billion yuan (£219million) through their criminal operations over the years, according to a statement.

The court did not specify how Hongfa was executed, but it said he had met his close relatives beforehand.

The once-powerful mafia head was handed capital punishment on March 11 at the Hainan High People’s Court.

Court pictures show the man standing in court while wearing goggles, a face mask and a full-body protective suit to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

He and his main accomplices were caught during a huge SWAT raid involving more than 1,210 officers and 300 police cars in January last year.

Hongfa’s underground gang was mostly formed by his family members as well as close-knit relatives from the Huang clan.

It started to develop in the 1980s in the Changjiang County of Hainan, according to a government document. 

The organisation was initially led by Hongfa’s father Huang Yingxiang, who was a local official and had influence among the locals.

In 1990, the clan became notorious after Hongfa’s brother, Huang Hongming, gathered a team to kill one resident and seriously harmed another. Hongming escaped legal punishment because of his father’s political power.

Hongfa rose to prominence in the group in 1995 after leading his followers to attack and severely hurt another person to gain a monopoly of illegal casinos in the region.

The criminals also controlled government officials through bribing.

Changjiang’s police chief and his two deputies, one senior police officer, one lawmaker and one deputy head of the local Water Affairs Bureau were among the leaders that were corrupted by them. 

When the group was busted by police last year, they faced 16 charges as a whole.

They had committed 58 criminal activities, which caused two deaths, three serious injuries, 13 minor injuries and five slight injuries, the high court said today.

Hongfa’s brother Hongming has been sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve. 

His father Yingxiang and other brother Hongjin have been each sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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