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Chinese schoolboy falls off a second-storey terrace while ‘mimicking Kobe Bryant’s jump shot’ 

A young basketball fan in China has cheated death after he accidentally fell off a second-storey terrace while mimicking his favourite NBA superstar Kobe Bryant.

Heart-stopping footage shows the schoolboy leaping backwards and raising his arms before suddenly toppling and plunging to the ground upside down in front of his horrified classmates.

The teenager was reportedly practising Kobe Bryant’s fadeaway, his idol’s signature backward jump shot.

The Year 8 pupil has suffered multiple bone fractures but is in stable condition while being treated at a local hospital, according to Chinese media.

The incident is said to have occurred Monday at the Luoding Fourth Middle School in Guangzhou province of southern China.

CCTV footage shows a group of schoolboys gathering at the patio as one of them attempting to perform the basketball shot.

After he jumps up and raises his arms to shoot, the teenager is seen landing on the ledge of the second-floor terrace before losing his balance and falling backwards.

Two of his friends ran to catch the boy but he had already dropped to the ground.

The student was rushed to a local hospital by the school guards immediately after the accident.

An official told Pear Video that the boy had been receiving medical treatment after suffering multiple bone fractures.

The Chinese pupil was said to be mimicking a backward jump shot, also known as the ‘fadeaway’ and late NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant’s signature move.

A player performs the shot while jumping backwards, away from the basket.

The goal is to create space between the shooter and the defender, making the shot much harder to block.

Bryant, the world-famous basketball legend, died in January, aged 41, when his private helicopter crashed in Calabasas, California.

The fatal accident killed him and eight other people, including his 13-year-old daughter Gianna.

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