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Chinese road suddenly collapses as floods wash away lorry

This is the terrifying moment a Chinese road collapsed as a parked lorry was instantly swallowed by devastating floods below.

Footage shows the street alongside a riverbank suddenly ripped in half as the large vehicle being dropped and washed away by raging floodwaters.

No casualties have been reported from the incident that occurred today in China’s south-western province Sichuan, said Chinese media.

It comes after torrential rains has been battering the city of Ya’an in Sichuan province since Monday, causing at least six deaths and five people missing, according to local authorities.

The video released by local police captures the terrifying moment the road with several parked vehicles collapsing as onlookers cried in shock.

A red lorry is seen falling into the swollen river below the street before being swallowed by the waters and floating away ‘like a paper boat’, says Pear Video.

No passengers were in the lorry at the time of the incident, a traffic police officer told Chinese media.

The road has been sealed off with no vehicles allowed to pass through, said Ya’an police.

The collapse is believed to be triggered by the heavy rains in the region, reported Chinese media.

Regions across China have been hit by torrential downpours since the flood season began in June.

Another video saw a giant sinkhole suddenly opening up on a street, swallowing two pedestrians in the city of Chongqing, neighbouring Sichuan province.

Dramatic footage shows the two female residents walking on the footpath next to a main road before tumbling into the deep pit as the pavement ripped in half on July 27.

Officials believed that the collapse was caused by a landslide due to recent heavy rain in the region, reported Chinese media.

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