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Chicken licken! Moment hungry hen cools down with a slurp of iced coffee 

This is the adorable moment a chicken enjoys a sip of iced coffee as her owner holds the cup for it to drink.

The chicken, called Sweet Pea, was heading home from the pet store with her owner in Ohio when she got to try the iced beverage.

Her owner, student Theresa Smith, 18, said it was the first time the three-year-old chicken had tried the drink.

The curious animal often tries the food and drinks her owner is enjoying and today she swapped corn for an iced coffee. 

Footage shows Sweet Pea standing on a blue towel in the car and watching the unfamiliar plastic cup. 

Theresa holds the iced coffee out for the bird who eyes the unknown object. 

As the animal curiously pecks the cup, her owner says, ‘try it! No, no, no. In. Sweet Pea, up,’ as she guides the animal to drink the iced coffee. 

The chicken pecks at the liquid a few times before seemingly enjoying it and going back for seconds.  

Theresa said: ‘Sweet Pea often tries the food or drinks that I am having. This video was just an example of that. I think she enjoyed it!

‘Sweet Pea is doing well after trying the coffee and, although caffeine can be harmful to birds, she only consumed a small amount and was not caused any harm.’

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