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Cher issues harsh critique of Britney Spears’ ongoing conservatorship battle

Cher is once again weighing-in on Britney Spears’ controversial conservatorship that has been playing out in court since its inception 12 years ago.

And like she has several times before, the 74-year-old legendary entertainer isn’t holding back in her harsh criticism of people she believes are taking advantage of the Toxic star’s mental health issues.  

Cher is among the many celebrities and fans who have been vocal about their support for Spears’s autonomy, which has coalesced into the growing #FreeBritney movement. 

‘She Worked Hard,Was The Golden Goose,Made Lots Of $,Got Sick,Now She’s The CASH COW,’ Cher began with obvious emotion in her words.

She then questioned whether the people involved in her conservatorship, finances and mental health recovery have her best interest at heart.

‘Does anyone Who’s Making $ Off Her Being Sick,Want Her Well!? Someone Who Doesn’t Want Anything From Her Should Look Into Her Dr.& Her Meds.’

She ended the tweet with three duck emojis and asks: ‘……Is It a Duck!?’

A slew of fans and followers jumped into the conversation on Twitter, most which gave their support of Cher and her critique of Spears’ ongoing drama. 

‘Money makes people do terrible things. Even for those who they think they love,’ one person wrote.

Someone else pleaded with Cher to get directly involved by asking: ‘¿Can you help her? Please say yes !’

And another person agreed with Cher, using her wildly successful residency in Las Vegas as an example of why she should be free from the conservatorship.

‘She has been working here in Las Vegas doing show after show. If she can work day in and day out, she can control her own affairs,’ the man wrote before adding, ‘It is sad that they take advantage of her and the court should help free her from these greedy family members.’   

Basically, Spears’s money, health and daily routine have been controlled by her father, Jamie Spears, since she was put on 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold in 2008. 

Just last week it was revealed that the conservatorship will now be in place until at least February 2021, after the singer’s legal team failed to remove her father, 68, from controlling her business and personal affairs. 

There was also word that her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears was made a trustee to the trust protecting the superstar’s massive fortune back in 2018. 

Cher has previously shown concern for Spears on a number of occasions on social media, where she questioned why she has been allowed to work when she is considered legally unfit to run her own finances. 

‘Why is a woman being worked if it’s known she’s not well enough to care for herself?, Cher asked in January. 

That very same day she tweeted the LAMag article about the ‘Battle for Britney Spears.’   

‘Just enough meds to keep her working, but not enough to have a life,’ she wrote in all-caps in another harsh critique of those in charge of caring for the pop superstar.     

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