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Car owner gives hilarious commentary as wannabe rapper uses HIS vehicle to shoot a music video

A car owner provided hysterical commentary as he watched an aspiring rapper shoot a music vehicle while using his car. 


The hilarious video was filmed in Dallas, Texas, and kicks off with the owner laughing with friends as he witnesses the spectacle. 

At first the owner thinks that the rapper is taking photos with his car before realizing that he is actually shooting a music video. 

As he films the rapper’s antics, folks in the background can be heard cackling at the visual and trying to figure out what is going on.  

‘I don’t even know this n***a,’ the man asserts as he chuckles and continues filming the commotion. ‘That’s supposed to be his car huh.’ 

The car is a bright lime green and the rapper is perfectly matched with it – he is wearing his own bright green shirt, a pair of white shorts and the brightest pair of green shoes. 

As the cameraman continues filming the rapper’s moment, he can’t help but continue laughing.

‘I’d be a h*e a*s n***a if I turned on the alarm wouldn’t I,’ he asks the people around him. 

The camera then cuts to the rapper and featured guest dancing as they continue shooting for the music video. 

‘That s**t funny I don’t even know who that n***a is,’ the car owner asserts. 

Someone shouts back: ‘Go out there and drive off!’ 

‘I’m going to let them get their shine,’ the man responds as he finishes filming the clip.

The exact date the video was filmed is unknown. 


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