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Call Her Daddy host Alex Cooper shows off New York apartment

Alexandra Cooper has given an expletive-filled tour of her new two-floor New York City apartment, just months after signing a lucrative solo contract with Barstool Sports to resume her raunchy Call Her Daddy podcast 

The podcast star, 26, and her former co-host Sofia Franklyn, 28, were each offered $500,000 base salaries plus incentives and the Call Her Daddy intellectual property in a sweetheart deal arranged by Barstool founder Dave Portnoy.   

Alexandra ended up signing the contract alone after feuding with Sofia, and it looks like she didn’t waste any time finding a luxe new pad and filling it with furniture from Restoration Hardware, CB2, and Anthropologie. 

She gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at her apartment in a video shared on YouTube on Tuesday, about a month after she moved in. 

‘The apartment is not fully furnished yet, so don’t come for me,’ she joked at the start of the tour, which began at the lower-level entrance — yes, the top floor has one too. 

Alexandra took a moment to pay homage to the mirrored sliding doors that were hiding the junk she admitted was stored in the closet. 

‘I like it because when I’m going out, I can just look at myself and be like, “Oh, my God, I’m so hot,”‘ she said, squatting in front of the mirrors. ‘I’m just kidding.’ 

The apartment is still a work in progress, and she explained that after some rumination, she has decided to put a bar in the space underneath the stairs.   

‘I’ll just be able to really indulge in a lot of alcohol by myself,’ she said. ‘I think that’s called alcoholism. I dunno.’

Alexandra had plenty of love for her dining room table from Restoration Hardware, which cost her a pretty penny. 

The Torano marble table with a burnished brass base ranges in price from $3,595 to $6,135, depending on the size. 

‘Over here we have my dining room table, and as you can see it’s kind of f*****g beautiful,’ she gushed. ‘I got this from Restoration Hardware, and it really hurt my bank account. But I was so obsessed with it and I thought the room needed it, so I got it.’

The lights above the dining room table are also from Restoration Hardware, but luckily for Alexandra, they came with the apartment.   

There wasn’t much to see in her kitchen, because a foodie she is not.  

‘If you know me, you know a b***h doesn’t cook. This is not where the magic is happening, but it’s a good kitchen,’ she said.

Alexandra noted that she only comes into the kitchen to use her coffee maker or microwave, pointing out that she barely has any food in her cabinets besides spaghetti and Smart Sweets candy that was sent to her from the brand.

Her favorite room in the open floor plan apartment is the living room, where she has a highly-coveted ‘Cloud’ couch from where else? Restoration Hardware. 

The brand’s Cloud Modular collection ranges in price from $1,495 to $4,495 per piece, meaning a large sectional like Alexandra’s can easily cost more than $10,000. 

They’re so luxurious and comfortable that Kendall Jenner has one in her beautifully designed Los Angeles mansion.   

‘It is literally where I spend all of my time, alone,’ Alexandra joked. ‘This couch I wanted my whole entire life, a Restoration Hardware Cloud couch.’ 

The host is no stranger to talking about her sex life on her podcast, so she had no problem recounting how she burst into tears after a guy she was seeing got semen on her pricey new couch.   

‘I had a guy over here and let’s just say we had sex on this couch, and then we forgot we were on this really, really, really expensive couch,’ she said. 

‘And then these bodily fluids happened to get on the couch, and I started crying because of how much money I spent on this couch. 

‘Yeah, there was c** on my couch and I literally had it for two days.’

Alexandra assured viewers that she ‘did a lot of research’ and was able to get the stain out before pointing out the rest of the room’s furnishings. 

Her Moroccan coffee table from Anthropologie costs between $1,298 and $1,498, depending on the size, and her rugs from ABC Carpet & Home were likely just as expensive, if not more.  

‘I love the vibe of this room,’ she said of the living area, which features artwork, including a painting of a nude woman that she insisted is not her. 

At the foot of the stairs is a gilded gold mirror from Anthropologie; she appears to have the largest size, which costs $1,548.   

‘Do I think that there is going to be a lot of great nude opportunities here? Yes,’ she said as she gazed at herself in the mirror.

‘A true narcissist needs something like this,’ she added, noting that she also has the same mirror in her bedroom upstairs. 

Alexandra then headed up to the second floor, admitting that the hallway is nowhere near finished yet.   

She revealed she had her own small laundry room, and while she didn’t seem that impressed with it, having a washer and dryer inside a New York City apartment is considered a luxe amenity.  

‘I usually wait for my mom to come and do my laundry because I’m so bad at doing laundry,’ she said. ‘I feel like all of a sudden it was white, and [then] it was red.’

After a quick tour of the guest bathroom, she headed to her ‘dream room,’ which is also not finished yet. The closet/office stores her beloved sweatshirt collection and her podcasting equipment.   

‘This is my hoodie wall. It’s all I’ve ever dreamed of,’ she said of the rack pushed up against the wall. ‘Every single one of these hoodies also represents a man.’

She explained that when she is talking to a guy, she will wear a specific hoodie when she is lounging around with him. A new guy means a new sweatshirt. She keeps all of them — even if the memories aren’t that great.   

‘This is where the real magic happens,’ she said of her desk. ‘I have recently become addicted to podcasting at home. I stare at this wall and I say things that I black out and don’t even remember and I press upload.’

While showing off the hallway closet, she pointed to her old MacBooks, saying they are the most priceless items in the apartment because they store her files on every single guy she has ever been romantically involved with.  

Alexandra explained that when she is seeing a guy, she will create an album just for him. Not only will she upload pictures that they have taken together, but she will also add screenshots of their text messages (including fights), snapshots of their FaceTime conversations, and even their nudes.  

‘I have all of these folders of all of these men,’ she said. ‘And I have all their naked pictures, all their d**k pics, all their videos of themselves crying to me that they made — you know who you are.

‘Dating me is not fun because you will never escape,’ she noted. 

Alexandra didn’t have much to say about her master bathroom, though she did share a hot fragrance tip, recommending Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy perfume. 

‘Every single f*****g time I hook up with a guy, I wear this and he tells me that I smell so f*****g good,’ she told the camera. ‘You’re welcome b*****s.’ 

As for her bedroom, she still has some work to do. The first thing people see when they walk in is her flatscreen TV resting on a pile of plastic storage bins — the only thing she had on hand to hold it up until she gets it mounted. 

She explained that she was going for a minimalist vibe and wasn’t sure that the black and white floral lamps her mom got her were working in the room. 

Her CB2 bed was covered with a fluffy white comforter and long pillows, including a pale pink one. The main attraction, for her anyway, is her seven-foot Anthropologie mirror, which is placed next to the bed, so she can watch herself have sex.  

‘So this is where it will all take place and you can watch yourself. Why the f**k wouldn’t you want to watch yourself?’ she asked. 

Alexandra ended the tour with a message for her fans who have continued to support her following her Call Her Daddy salary negotiation drama and subsequent fall-out with Sofia. 

‘Honestly, not to get sappy, but the only reason I’m standing here right now is literally because of you guys for supporting Call Her Daddy, for watching my YouTube channel, and just being Daddy Gang,’ she said. ‘Thank you so much.’  

Alexandra and Sofia started the podcast, in which they discuss sex and dating, in 2018. It was quickly acquired by Barstool Sports and became an immediate success.

Tensions eventually become unbearable earlier this year, however. Alexandra believed her friend was no longer as interested in the podcast as they attempted to rework their contract with Barstool.

When Sofia refused to accept the new deal that was offered to them, Alexandra returned to the podcast alone, recording her first solo episode in May. 

The episode was dedicated to her feud with Sofia, whom she dubbed greedy and ‘all about the money.’  

She blasted Sofia for asking for more money from Barstool Sports for their podcast when she did most of the work. Alexandra also claimed Sofia’s boyfriend, HBO Sports executive Peter Nelson, is ‘extremely controlling’ and was looking to profit from the show.  

While their friendship will likely never recover, Alexandra seems to be doing more than fine on her own. Earlier this month, she interviewed Miley Cyrus on the podcast, proving that her solo act was not a mistake. 

The duo promoted the podcast episode and Miley’s new song ‘Midnight Sky’ with a series of racy photos. 

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