California man arrested for filing false police report after claiming daughter was missing

A California dad has been arrested for allegedly telling police that his three-year-old daughter had been abducted so that they would work harder to find his stolen car. 

An Amber Alert was issued Saturday night around 10pm after Edrick L. McCroey, 26, allegedly reported to Oakland police that his daughter, Ciara McCroey, was in the back seat of his vehicle that had been stolen earlier that evening. 

However, authorities later learned that Ciara had actually been safe the entire time with her mother.   

‘OPD Investigators have arrested the father of the 3 yr old for filing a false police report,’ the department said on Twitter. 

Oakland police said McCroey lied with hopes of getting back his stolen 2005 Silver Mercedes Sedan back quickly.

In the end, McCroey did get what he hoped for. Police did find the suspected car thief, 23-year-old Michael James Kelly, but he had wrecked McCroey’s car during a police chase. 

The incident all started at the Los Camellos Liquor store along International Boulevard shortly after 8pm, according to CBS.

Surveillance footage shows a man in a dark red hoodie walking out of the store and up to McCroey’s vehicle. 

He then gets inside and drives off. A short time later, McCroey is seen running out of the store and after his vehicle, weaving through oncoming traffic. 

After McCroey allegedly filed the false report, police found the suspect around 11.40pm heading down Carlson Boulevard. 

Police pursued the vehicle and Kelly allegedly led them on a brief police chase that ended with him crashing the vehicle into an El Cerrito bus stop. 

At the time of the police chase, Ciara was in another city with her mother. It wasn’t until Sunday that authorities realized that McCroey had lied about her being taken. 

Oakland investigators reached the mother just before 2am Sunday and confirmed the girl was with her and was safe. 

McCroey was arrested for filing a false police report. He was booked into the Alameda County Jail and posted an unlisted amount of bail on Sunday.  

Kelly was booked into the Santa Rita Jail on a carjacking charge, according to online records. His bail was set at $100,000. 


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