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Buffalo grandmother’s hilarious obituary remembers her as an avid sports fan who ‘HATED’ Tom Brady

The life of a New York grandmother who died this month has been memorialized in a hilarious obituary that remembered the avid sports fan as a slot machine-loving, Tom Brady-hating, chain smoker.

Beloved grandmother-of-seven Carole Scarsella sadly passed away at home in Lackawanna, Buffalo, on July 19.

But in death, the larger-than-life character has achieved posthumous viral fame thanks to an amusing eulogy penned by her daughter, Norma Milholland.

The obituary highlighted five key facts about Scarsella’s life, however apparently only one of those facts warranted being written in capital letters.

‘She was an avid sports fan,’ Milholland wrote of her mother. ‘She loved the New York Yankees and LeBron James. She HATED Tom Brady.’

Buffalo News, who published the obituary Sunday, noted that dislike for the former New England Patriots quarterback is not uncommon among NFL fans from Western New York, but Scarsella appeared to harbor a particular disdain.

In the death notice, Scarsella is also remembered as a keen smoker who ‘smoked millions of cigarettes’.

‘She loved slot machines and Facebook games,’ the tribute continues. ‘She never won millions, but she had the biggest farm in all of Farmville and made it to the millionth level on Candy Crush.’

Outside of her passion for gambling and Facebook games, Scarsella was also remembered for her love of reading, particularly the works of Stephen King, and her dedication to the local community.

Scarsella worked on the local school’s PTA board, coached her children’s sports teams growing up, and volunteered for the Lackawanna Little Leagues.

She was also lauded for her ability to be all the parent her children could ever need.

‘She was a mother, father, coach, mentor and friend,’ Milholland wrote of her mother.

Still, among those who never met her, Scarsella will be remembered by most online for her despising of the six-time Super Bowl champion, who left the Patriots for the Buccaneers in the off-season.

‘This is my grandma. I miss her endlessly,’ Scarsella’s granddaughter Aggie tweeted. ‘But I’m glad she is remembered and the people of Buffalo also share her deep rooted hatred of Tom Brady.’

‘I can’t imagine what she would say about all the attention she’s getting,’ Aggie remarked in another tweet. ‘But I’m sure she would love the message being passed on!

‘However whilst you’re remembering her hatred of Tom Brady additionally keep in mind that she was most likely one of the best ladies ever and did rather a lot for her youngsters and grandkids,’ Aggie added.

Aggie’s tweeted has since garnered a lot of attention from fellow Bills fans and Brady haters.

‘So sorry for you loss. As a grandfather and passionate hater of Tom Brady and the Pats, I would have loved to have met her!! Sounds like an awesome lady and fun to hang around. I will honor her memory by continuing my hatred for Tom Brady!’ Martin Camacho wrote.

‘My condolences,’ added Devon Hall. ‘I will hate Tom Brady extra in her honor’

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