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British Dynasty star Emma Samms, 59, tells of six-month ‘Long Covid’ hell

A British actress has told of her ‘Long Covid’ hell that cruelly ‘fluctuates’ from ‘good days’ when she ‘assumes she’s on the road to recovery’ to feeling bad again.

Former Dynasty Emma Samms, 59, who tested positive for Covid in March, has spoken of being one of the ‘long covid’ sufferers.

She reports having ‘panic inducing levels of fatigue’, but has never been admitted to hospital. 

Doctors don’t know how to treat the condition, nicknamed ‘long covid’ which is becoming more recognised within medical circles.

The actress, who played Fallon Carrington Colby in the 1980s US TV show, has reported debilitating symptoms over the last six months.

Tasks such as holding a phone conversation or gardening for a few minutes leaves her exhausted she told The Times. 

She said:  ‘This panic inducing level of fatigue has been less startling and immensly compromising. And it fluctuates.

‘I improve slightly, have a could of good days and assume I am on the road to recovery only to go right back to feeling horrendous.’

Ms Samms, who is the partner of the BBC newsreader Simon McCoy, said that due to the little research done on the condition she is ‘not allowing’ herself to think this is permanent.   

Researchers from Italy reported in The Journal of the American Medical Association that 87 per cent of patients discharged from a Rome hospital after having Covid still had at least 1 symptom after 60 days.

Although none of the patients had any signs of acute illness 53 percent still reported fatigue, 43 per cent laboured breathing, 27 percent joint pain and 22 percent chest pain. 

The condition, which is similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, leaves sufferers with multiple symptoms such as extreme exhaustion, joint pain or difficulty breathing.  

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