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Bride reveals her mother was KICKED OUT of her wedding after giving a cruel speech

A bride has revealed that her mother was kicked out of her wedding after delivering a hurtful speech that mocked her appearance, ‘crappy apartment,’ and ‘gross medical issues.’     

In the post shared on Reddit’s ‘AmItheA**hole?’ forum, the woman explained that her mother is still holding a grudge a year after her wedding — and even had the audacity to say that she ‘humiliated her.’  

‘I got married last year. I wasn’t sure I wanted my mom to speak, due to our strained relationship,’ she explained. ‘I ultimately let her, hoping she would just deliver the same fluff about gaining a son that she did at my sister’s wedding. Of course, my sister told me only after the events of this post that she pre-approved that speech.’

The woman went on to share ‘highlights’ from her mother’s cruel speech, which included a jab about her looks.   

‘I’m happy Bride found someone that’s not into looks, because I don’t know how she would have afforded plastic surgery otherwise!’ her mom said. 

The Reddit user noted that her mother ‘had gone under the knife many times’ and has been making comments about her weight appearance since she was a child.    

Her mother also said: ‘I hope Groom is comfortable in a crappy apartment, because Bride can never afford better!’

In reality, she has an office job with a ‘comfortable salary,’ and she and her husband ‘are in a small home by preference, not cost constraints.’

The mom also described ‘gory’ and ‘personal details’ about her daughter’s chronic illness, which was diagnosed a year prior to the wedding. 

‘Good for Groom for putting up with Bride’s gross medical issues, bet he wouldn’t have been interested if she had been diagnosed before they got together!’ she said. 

The woman admitted that their guests were understandably stunned and didn’t know how to react.   

‘Each time she paused to let a joke land, there was silence,’ she recalled. ‘My husband and wedding party stared at me, frozen, waiting for my queue on how to react. They stayed seated until her bit about how I am damaged goods.’

Her mother was referring to a time when she was 19 years old and a guy harassed her for over a year after a bad date.  

‘It seriously impacted my mental health and I dropped out of college,’ she explained. ‘It is painful to think or talk about.’

That line was the last straw for the groomsmen, who yanked the microphone away from the mother of the bride. 

‘My husband pulled me out to the patio. The wedding party asked the band to start the music and brought us a round of drinks,’ she recounted. 

‘The rest of my fabulous guests pretended the entire wedding party was not doing shots and passing joints on the other side of glass doors, and they took the initiative to get the party going. I got to enjoy the reception I had planned and paid for. I didn’t see my mom once.’

The next day, she found out that the groomsmen had not only stopped her mother’s speech, but they also made her leave the wedding.   

‘They didn’t tell me because I would be too worried about the fallout to enjoy the party and I had already declared that I would avoid her all night,’ she explained.    

‘I haven’t heard the end of it since,’ she added. ‘My mom says I humiliated her. My family says that I should have just prepared myself because I “know how she is.” They say I was wrong to deprive a mother of her daughter’s wedding.’

The woman said that she was certain that her mother leaving ‘was justified,’ but after hearing from both her mother and family, she is doubting herself. 

‘Now, I feel like I should have expected the speech and warned the wedding party early to grin and bear it,’ she admitted. ‘It’s caused drama that could have been avoided if I just let my mom do her thing. I could have just stopped the speech but let her stay. 

‘On the other hand, if my husband’s dad had delivered a similar speech, I would have dragged him out myself.’ 

The Reddit user said she wasn’t sure what to think and wanted to know if other people thought she was in the wrong. However, the majority of commenters insisted she had nothing to apologize for. 

‘If your mom was “just being herself” then she might need a few harsh lessons about how to behave in society,’ one person wrote. 

‘I think you’re second-guessing things because you were raised by this very disfunctional woman and don’t know any different,’ someone else commented. ‘For future peace of mind, if there’s even a chance of her behaving in a toxic manner, then she doesn’t get invited. If it feels wrong, it is wrong. Trust your instincts.’

Many people agreed that her mother was ‘toxic’ and suggested that she go to therapy or cut her mom out of her life completely. 

‘Not a single bit of what she did is acceptable and if you aren’t already in therapy to address the abuse you’ve obviously suffered at her hands then I’d beg you to consider it!’ one Reddit user wrote. 

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