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Bride is being THREATENED by her bridesmaid over canceled wedding

A bride whose October wedding was canceled because of the pandemic has revealed she is being ‘harassed and threatened’ by one of her bridesmaids who ‘went ballistic’ when she found out the ceremony wouldn’t be taking place. 

In a post shared on Reddit’s ‘Am I The A**hole’ forum, the unnamed bride explained that she and her husband ‘felt it wouldn’t be responsible’ to move ahead with their planned ceremony, so they decided to elope instead. 

But while the majority of their friends and family were ‘supportive’, one of the bridesmaids was left furious by the change in plans – and wasted no time in letting the couple know how upset she was.

‘We were supposed to have a wedding in October, but felt it wouldn’t be responsible because of the ‘Rona, so we eloped instead with only our parents in attendance,’ the bride wrote. 

‘We made sure everything the wedding party bought could be returned beforehand. When we told our wedding party about the cancellation, everyone was supportive.

‘Except one bridesmaid who (used to be) my husband’s friend. She went ballistic. Had her husband message mine telling him he made a massive mistake, messaged me calling me horrible names and making threats, demanding we pay her cash for her dress.’

The bride went on to explain that all of the bridesmaids were able to return their dresses to the store that they were purchased from and claim a full refund – however this woman refused to take hers back, and instead wanted the bride and groom to foot the bill. 

‘ We told her the bridal shop was doing refunds and bending their return policy because of current situations but she is DEMANDING money,’ the bride continued. 

‘She’s nicer to my husband than she is to me, but he told her that 1. The dress can be returned and he doesn’t want her screwing him over and turning a profit on our wedding being cancelled and 2. He really didn’t want any more contact with her because she was being so hateful towards his wife.’

The bride says she has ‘no idea’ what prompted the bridesmaid’s furious reaction, explaining that ‘there had never been bad blood’ between the two women prior to this incident. 

‘I tried my best to be friends with her over the four years I have known her,’ she added. 

The bride concluded her post by revealing that the bridesmaid is now ‘threatening to take her to civil court’ in order to force her to pay the cost of the $140 dress, with the Reddit user writing that she ‘refuses to give her the money because she knows [the dress] can be returned’. 

‘This whole situation is so trashy and makes me feel gross. I tried to be responsible by not having a large gathering and now I am being harassed and threatened by someone I didn’t know had an issue with me,’ she finished.  

The bride’s fellow Redditors were left outraged by the bridesmaid’s behavior – agreeing with the newlywed that she shouldn’t have to pay out for the dress when it can easily be returned. 

‘If it can be returned why the f**k does she want money from you? I bet she wants to return it AND collect money from you,’ one person wrote, adding: ‘If she wants to file a frivolous lawsuit for $140, let her.’

‘She’s probably damaged the dress somehow or worn it to another event so can’t return it. Just ignore her, she’ll shut up soon enough,’ one person advised. 

Another added: ‘That’s ridiculous. Seems like there might be something else going on here-maybe she’s in really bad financial shape?’

The original poster admitted that the bridesmaid and her husband have both had some ‘issues with employment’, but said that she has personally explained how she can return the dress for a full refund to ensure that she doesn’t lose any money – and yet the bridesmaid still refuses to do it. 

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