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Brazil woman falls in manhole after car hits her scooter

This is the frightening moment a woman riding a scooter was sent flying through the air after being hit by a car, before falling head first down an open storm drain.

The incident took place Wednesday in the northern Brazilian state of Pará, and was captured on a security surveillance camera. 

The footage shows a man driving a red sedan making a left turn on an avenue in the municipality of Paragominas>

But seconds later a scooter – ridden by 27-year-old Mayara dos Santos – crossed the intersection and smashes into the front of the car.

Dos Santos is sent flying by the impact, and skids across the asphalt before falling head-first into the seven-feet deep storm drain.

The worried driver is seen stepping out of his vehicle and looking down the hole, as other witnesses rush over to help.

Brazilian news outlet O Liberal reported that Luis Carlos Diniz climbed down into the manhole to rescue dos Santos before the paramedics arrived.

Dos Santos spent several minutes in the manhole before being rushed to Eastern Pará Regional Public Hospital. 

Dos Santos’ family said she is scheduled to undergo surgery for spinal cord injuries. 

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