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Brave mother wrestles her four-year-old daughter back from motorbike-riding kidnappers

This is the moment a mother bravely protected her four-year-old daughter from being abducted in broad day light in India. 

Two motorcyclists can be seen attempting to take the young girl and drive her away on one of their bikes in eastern Delhi’s Shakarpur area.

But the mother rushes out of her house and snatches the child from the kidnappers and shouts in order to alert the neighbours.

Video footage shows the nearby residents come out of their houses to prevent the men from making an escape.

One man creates a make shift road block using a parked motorcycle to slow the kidnappers down, as another man quickly rushes to his aid.

They can be seen bravely attempting to restrain the bikers, but despite their efforts the men are still able to make a get away.

A police case was registered after, and they identified the bikers using the number plate of a motorcycle that had been abandoned.

The police arrested one of the culprit’s identified as Dheeraj, a resident of Jagatpuri in the Indian capital Delhi.

He then eventually led to the capture of the man behind the failed kidnap attempt, an individual known as Upendra.

Upendra is the girl’s uncle, and he allegedly planned to blackmail his elder brother as he was jealous of him and the success of his growing garments business.

It was revealed that he had given a kidnapping contract of 1,00,000 rupees to the assailants.

The police also recovered guns and cartridges from the possession of the criminals, and both men were take in to custody following their arrests. 

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