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Boyfriend tries to propose on a boat – only for his best man to throw the ring overboard

A man’s romantic proposal idea hit rough waters when he got down on one knee to pop the question to his girlfriend on the bow of a boat at sunset – only for his best man to throw the ring box into the ocean. 

Miles VS staged an incredibly scenic proposal for his girlfriend Angie Zalesov, getting down on one knee in front of a stunning sunset while the couple were enjoying a boat trip with some friends in Sarasota, Florida. 

But when Miles turned to a pal – Roman Gritsak – to throw him the ring, things took a nightmare turn, with a viral video capturing the moment that the off-camera friend over-egged his toss and ended up chucking the box straight into the ocean, leaving poor Angie open-mouthed in horror. 

‘Are you stupid?!’ someone is overheard yelling, as the man runs to the side of the boat and leaps into the ocean in the hopes of recovering the engagement ring before it is too late. 

Remarkably, the ring box has remained floating on the water’s surface, making it easy for the man to grab, much to the relief of everyone onboard the boat. 

However, Miles faces yet another horrific hurdle when his friend opens the ring box only to discover that it is empty – leaving Angie terrified that the accessory has fallen into the water before she even got the chance to see it. 

‘Why did you open it up?’ the people on the boat scream – before the video cuts out, leaving viewers desperate to know what happened to the jewel, and whether Angie actually got the chance to answer Miles’ oh-so important question. 

Indeed, the clip sparked a viral frenzy, racking up an impressive 133,200 views on Miles’ account, before being shared on Barstool Sports, where it was watched more than 3.8 million times. 

The video also amassed a staggering 5,700 comments, with the majority of people questioning why on earth Miles didn’t put the ring safely in his own pocket. 

‘Dude just keep it in your pocket??’ one person wrote, while another added: ‘Why would you ever have someone throw it when  you are on the front of the boat? I blame the groom’s decision making here.’ 

Others joked that the accident was the ‘universe’s’ way of telling Miles not to propose, with one user writing: ‘It’s a sign! Don’t do it!’ 

However, for those left on the edge of their seats wondering whether the ring was ever recovered, Angie not only confirmed that she had said ‘yes’ in a touching Instagram post – she also later revealed that the entire thing had been a cruel prank that appears to have been orchestrated by her fiance. 

In an extended version of the video that was shared on YouTube by the bride to be, Miles’ pal is seen pulling the real ring box out of his pocket, but only after tossing a fake version into the ocean. 

‘It’s a joke!’ one of Angie’s friends is heard exclaiming as Miles’ friend reveals the real ring, allowing the groom to get down on one knee and ask the question properly. 

And the bride-to-be didn’t let the prank stop her from accepting the ring – and Miles’ proposal – with Angie sharing a sweet snap of the newly-engaged couple on her Instagram, while writing: ‘Unreal. 

‘Get to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life. I feel so blessed.’

Miles shared an equally heartfelt tribute on his own Instagram account, along with a video of the actual post-prank proposal, in which Angie is seen breaking down in tears of joy. 

‘Last night was the biggest moment of my life!’ he wrote. ‘I woke up with a fiancé…I can’t wait to marry you @a_zalesov… I thank God everyday for putting you in my life. Here’s to us.’

He also seemed to take credit for the proposal prank idea, posting a video of the hilarious fail while writing: ‘So I had a crazy idea…’  

Miles also revealed to his new-found followers and fans that the man who executed the prank ring toss – his best man Roman – was actually the person who introduced him to his fiancee in the first place. 

Sharing an image of himself, fiancee Angie, and Roman and his wife Olya, Miles wrote: ‘You guys have always been like family to me thanks for introducing me to my beautiful fiance.’ 

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