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BLM protester says cops who kill black people should ‘fry’

A Black Lives Matter protester whose son was shot dead by police two years ago has declared ‘war’ on ‘filthy, disgusting animal’ officers in speech to a Portland crowd. 

Letha Winston said Sunday: ‘This is a war, guys. We’re getting ready to get armored up around here. I will continue with my mission by any means necessary.’

Winston’s son, Patrick Kimmons, 27, was shot dead by cops in 2018 after he opened fire on, shooting five times and injuring two men. Sgt. Garry Britt and Officer Jeffrey Livingston, the officers involved in his death, were cleared of any wrongdoing. 

She spoke on day 81 of protests across the city, saying police involved in shootings ‘need to hang high’, The New York Post reports. 

She added:  ‘They need to send you to the electric chair and let you fry like a piece of burnt bacon.’ 

Footage shows as Winston tells the crowd: ‘I know you got a gun, but so do I…go ahead and shoot me. I’m shooting back. We’re here to take our streets back.’

Protesters cheer as she adds of the cops arrested over the death of George Floyd: ‘Your mother’s umbilical cord should have wrapped around your neck and choked you just the way you choked George Floyd, you filthy animal.

‘It should have wrapped around your neck so many times to where you yelled, ‘I cannot breathe! ‘

Winston spoke for more than an hour at the city’s Justice Center shortly before a sickening attack on a truck driver, who was seen in a viral video being knocked unconscious by a kick to the head from a protester. 

Police said the victim – who has since been identified by police as Adam Haner – was trying to help a transgender woman who had some of her belongings stolen at the scene. 

Demonstrations that often turn violent have racked Oregon’s biggest city for more than two months following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. 

Video taken Tuesday night shows protesters calling for ‘no cops, no prisons, total abolition’.  

Police later declared yet another riot on the 83rd consecutive day of protests after a 200-strong mob of protesters torched the city’s famous Multnomah Building. 

Cops tweeted to tell protesters the ‘gathering had been declared a riot’, ordering those there to disperse. There were also reports of a stabbing and a shooting in the city overnight. 

On Monday night, authorities said people marched to the police union building and tried to break into the facility. 

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