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Bizarre video shows foolish man standing on box filled with lit fireworks

One amateur daredevil wanted to see what would happen if he stood atop a box of fireworks, lit the fuse and waited for it to explode – a bright idea that, needless to say, quickly blew up in his face.

Struggling to find his balance, the anonymous thrill-seeker raises his arms above his head as an orange flash emanates from beneath the flimsy box in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

But his jubilation is shortly lived after a plume of smoke rises up from the floor and suddenly a loud bang rinds out, launching the man into the air.

Gasps are heard as the man slammed back down to the concrete with a thud.

The man gets himself back up and dusts himself off, but is visibly hurt. 

He broke his arm in the fall but was otherwise lucky not to have suffered any serious injuries.

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