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Beyonce releases Already video from Black Is King just hours before it debuts on Disney Plus

While Beyonce Knowles-Carter fans wait for her new visual album Black Is King to drop on Disney Plus, the BeyHive got a special treat on Thursday night.

The 38-year-old singer released the official video for her song Already from Black Is King, which is based on and a visual companion to her 2019 album The Lion King: The Gift.

She also released Deluxe Edition of her album The Lion King: The Gift, which features two new songs, Black Parade, which she released on Juneteenth, and a remix of Find Your Way Back with MELO-X.

The video features a number of shirtless male character sitting in a tree, covering their eyes, with teal body paint on their torsos, while a voice is heard asking, ‘Who are you?’

Another voice responds, ‘I know exactly who I am, the question is who are you?’ as the first voice says, ‘I’m nobody, so leave me alone,’ while we see footage of a number of different people covering their eyes.

‘Everybody is somebody, even a nobody,’ the second voice adds, as we see more footage of men with similar body paint and headdresses on.

The second voice asks the first to follow him and he will show him, as we see Beyonce clad in the same teal paint stripes all over her body before she gets into the song performance.

The iconic singer is wearing a brown onesie with several small crescent moons printed on it as she dancers with a number of backup dancers.

She’s joined by Shatta Wale takes over the next verse as Queen Bey rocks a number of different outfits, including a splotchy black and white ensemble with short shorts and a regal teal dress that matches the body paint.

She’s also seen dancing with the ‘king’ of this video in a black and grey pants-less business suit-type ensemble 

The icon is also seen decked out in all gold, with a shimmering gold dress and a gold headdress as well, as she’s seen swinging on a golden hoop swing.

The video winds down with shots of several black men wearing the same sharp suit, and footage of a car wildly peeling out in the street with someone hanging out of the sunroof.

The video ends with a shot of Beyonce decked out in a silver ensemble sitting on a motorcycle with a city skyline in the background.

Black Is King is inspired by music in The Lion King: The Gift, which, ‘reimagines the lessons of The Lion King for today’s young kings and queens in search of their own crowns,’ according to Disney. 

Fans can watch Black Is King starting at 12 AM on Disney Plus, and you can download the Deluxe Edition of The Lion King: The Gift on iTunes, Spotify and Tidal.

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