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Bella Thorne issues apology to sex workers after OnlyFans initiated new payment changes

Bella Thorne is apologizing after her OnlyFans page saw her cash in millions and sex workers say that the subscription platform instated new payment caps and holds afterwards.

The former Disney star created an OnlyFans profile last week and raked in $1million on her first day and has made $2million so far.

But she sparked outrage when she charged $200 for a ‘naked’ photo where she was not actually nude and people reportedly demanded refunds, according to the Los Angeles Times.

She said on her social media accounts that she does not offer nudity. She told the Times that a post circulating the internet claiming to offer the nude was falsified.

Content creators say Only Fans subsequently imposed payment caps of $50 on pay-per-view posts from a previous cap of $200, and a $100 cap on tips on Thursday. 

The company also enacted a hold on payments that would make some international creators wait 30 days to receive their money – without any warning.

OnlyFans is a platform where creators sell content to subscribers and has gained a reputation as a safe way for sex workers to earn money. 

Some sex workers, who earn a significant portion of their income on the platform, blame Thorne for the new policies that now limit their abilities to make money.

OnlyFans said that the payment changes were not based on one user.

‘Transaction limits are set to help prevent overspending and to allow our users to continue to use the site safely,’ the company said in a statement. 

‘We value all of the feedback received since this change was implemented and we will continue to review these limits,’ it added. 

Thorne apologized in a series of tweets on Saturday saying she intended to normalize sex work, not financially harm sex workers.

‘I wanted to bring attention to the site, the more people on the site the more likely of a chance to normalize the stigmas, And in trying to do this I hurt you. I have risked my career a few times to remove the stigma behind sex work, porn, and the natural hatred people spew,’ she said.

She said she’s meeting with Only Fans about the new restrictions.

‘Ps. I’m meeting with only fans about the new restrictions to find out why!!! This is f***ed up and I’m sorry comment any ideas or concerns you want brought up to OF!! and send me your links and a pic so I can promote you guys,’ she said.

She said she made the account to do research for an upcoming movie on the platform.

Some Twitter users who have links to OnlyFans accounts voiced their outrage over the restrictions and cast blame on the actress.

‘OnlyFans is a full-time job for some of us, mostly the only income some of us have, when she has movies and other outlets to continue to make money,” said Foxx. “She already is rich — on top of the $2 million she made. She didn’t hurt anyone but the sex community and hasn’t spoken out about it. That’s why we are not okay with what happened,’ Jenna Foxx, who has worked with onlyFans since 2017, said to the Times. 

‘Bella Thorne is the Walmart of Onlyfans,’ one Twitter user slammed.

‘So cute how Bella Thorne made her Onlyfans on a whim without doing an once of research on how it would impact the community and she immediately f***ed it up for us,’ another Twitter user said.

‘I finally got caught up on Bella Thorne/ Only Fans, and a white Disney star and still *working* actress f***ing up a platform that allowed sex workers to earn safely and with autonomy is basically THE snapshot of WW coopting spaces for the marginalized in the name of empowerment,’ another added. 

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