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Becca’s CLEAR, no-pigment foundation – does it work?

A popular beauty brand has taken the concept of no-makeup makeup to the next level by launching a clear, no-pigment foundation that promises to leave you with a perfect complexion, without the use of any color. 

Released by Becca as part of its new genderless Becca Zero collection, the $36 No Pigment Virtual Foundation relies on Clear Light Blur Technology to ‘manipulate light for a smoothed out, blurred out, virtually invisible finish’, effectively eradicating imperfections, without covering up the skin in any way. 

The foundation, which is the first of its kind and is intended to be used by people of all genders, combines skincare with makeup, with Becca claiming that the formula will both nourish the complexion and leave it looking perfectly smoothed out. 

‘The skin smoothing benefits of a foundation without the pigment to let your skin shine through,’ the brand said in a statement. 

‘Becca Zero No Pigment Virtual Foundation is perfect for days when you want to take a break from a full face makeup look and show the world nothing but you.’

To boost the skincare benefits of the clear foundation, the brand infused the silicone-free formula with hyaluronic acid to ‘instantly hydrate’ and plump the skin, while also ‘blurring and smoothing the appearance of imperfections’, and ‘controlling oil’.   

Speaking at a digital launch event, a spokesperson for Becca noted that the no-pigment formula also makes the product perfect for anyone who wants to achieve a smoothed-out, perfected complexion while wearing a face mask because you don’t have to deal with the ‘hassle’ of dirtying your covering with traditional foundation.  

‘Wearing a mask outside all the time, it’s something that will make me reach for [this foundation],’ brand ambassador Tiarra Monet said. 

‘I don’t want to deal with the hassle of a dirty mask, it’s just yucky to look at. I feel like [this product] for me combines skincare but I’m blurred, I look good. It gives you that confidence that you may not be getting if you’re not wearing anything but this is literally a filter in a bottle.’ 

Despite only being available for a few days now, the foundation has already sparked a frenzy of interest online – with beauty lovers left divided over whether or not the product really works. 

While some have praised the formula for helping them to achieve the perfect no-makeup makeup look, others have slammed the product as a ‘gimmick’, insisting that the product shouldn’t be marketed as a foundation when it doesn’t really offer any coverage. 

‘I love this product,’ one customer wrote on Sephora after giving the product a five-star review. 

‘It is perfect for summer when you have some color [and] don’t want to cover it up. it provides a really nice finish, not completely matte but takes away any shine from skincare products. 

‘I really love this for a truly no-makeup look while still feeling really confident with my skin! it fills in all pores [and] texture so it leaves your skin with an almost airbrushed effect.’

Another happy customer heaped praise on the product, but urged other beauty lovers to ‘read the description’ before purchasing it. 

‘The reviews are that it does nothing or it’s a bad primer,’ she said, before warning: ‘Read the description, guys, it’s not a primer and it’s not intended to actually provide any color. 

‘This feels a lot [like] a really wet silicone primer. For me, it fills my pores, makes me matte (I have normal to dry skin), provides moisture, and just overall looks smooth.’

However, one disgruntled reviewer described the product as a ‘waste of time’, insisting that it doesn’t offer any benefits you can’t already achieve by using a primer. 

‘I bought this and it’s absolutely useless,’ the reviewer said. ‘It does absolutely nothing but blur your pores. If you want something that’s going to do that just use primer. It’s getting returned. They need to scrap this and never sell it again.

Speaking at the brand’s virtual launch event, Devon Bartley, the Director of Brand Marketing for Becca, explained the decision to call the product a foundation, noting that – unlike a primer which serves as a base for other products – this is meant to offer all of the benefits of a traditional foundation but without the pigment. 

‘We call it a virtual foundation because it perfects your skin like a foundation would but without the pigment,’ she explained – adding that the No Pigment Virtual Foundation should be seen as the final step in a daily beauty routine and not as a prep product for other cosmetics, like a primer. 

In addition to the foundation, Becca also released a $24 No Pigment Glass Highlighter that is intended for use on both the lips and the face. 

‘The multi-use, crystal clear gloss catches and reflects light, for a glass-like glow,’ the brand description notes. 

‘In one swipe, get a fresh, glossy look – high points of face, even lips get a super glossy shine. The flexible formula provides non-stick, comfortable wear, giving you the perfect sheen on all skin tones.’

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