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Base jumper leaps from 100-metre high Zagreb Cathedral after scaling its scaffolding at night

This is the moment a daredevil takes a huge risk by becoming the first person to Base jump off a cathedral which stands at 108 metres tall.   

The stunt saw an adrenalin junkie who calls himself BaseWeekly jump off the top of Zagreb Cathedral in Croatia.

Footage shows him climbing metal scaffolding attached to the cathedral before he reaches the top, jumps off, and lands successfully.

The video starts with him walking towards the deserted cathedral at night time.   

He then climbs metal scaffolding attached to the outside of the building to reach the top.

Along the way, the ground beneath him is seen getting more distant.  

After eventually negotiating the maze of scaffolding, he reaches the cathedral’s roof and climbs over the safety railing. 

He then jumps off and the ground quickly looms closer before he stems his fall by opening his parachute. 

The Base jumper lands on the ground outside the cathedral without any problem and is then seen packing up his parachute.

Zagreb Cathedral, which was built in the 13th-Century, is the tallest building in Croatia. 

BaseWeekly’s other videos have seen him jump from the roof of a council flat and a cliff in Spain. 

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