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Bachelor alum Sydney Lotuaco met new boyfriend on Instagram

Sydney Lotuaco has opened up about how she met her new boyfriend Nick Wehby on Instagram after The Bachelor fan slid into her DMs.

The 27-year-old started talking to her beau while they were quarantined in separate states amid the coronavirus pandemic. After three months of constant texting and FaceTiming, she flew from Virginia to Ohio to meet him in person for the first time.

Sydney detailed the start of their modern-day romance in a viral TikTok video, explaining that she caught 28-year-old Nick’s eye after appearing on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor last year.


The model and dancer left the show after accusing Colten of not giving her the same opportunities as the other women, but her departure clearly worked out for the best.   

‘There was a guy that watched that was a fan because his mom made him watch while he was in the hospital when he broke his neck,’ she said of Nick, adding: ‘Don’t worry — he’s fine now.’ 

After watching her on The Bachelor, and later Bachelor in Paradise, Nick slid into her DMs and made an impression. Sydney became interested in him right when the pandemic hit and most people were quarantined at home. 

‘Hmm, who is this guy? He seems kind of cute, actually,’ she recalled thinking to herself before DMing him back. 

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They spent days talking via DMs — until he finally gave her his phone number. In the TikTok video, Sydney shared a screenshot of the sweet message he sent.  

‘Thanks for virtually keeping me company the last couple of nights,’ he had written. ‘Here’s my number [redacted]. If you need another quarantine ride or die, more country slappers or are ever in Cincy and get bored I’d be happy to help.’ 

Sydney, who has been staying in Virginia, admitted she was initially apprehensive because he lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, but she texted him anyway. They eventually started FaceTiming every night, for hours on end, for three months. 

The former reality star decided to book a flight to Ohio ‘in the middle of a pandemic’ to finally meet him in person, recalling how they ‘played house for a while.’  

‘Luckily, it was even better in person,’ she said of their connection. ‘We were kind of nervous, but it worked out.’

Sydney eventually asked Nick to ‘be her boyfriend,’ and after he agreed, he drove her back to Virginia, where he met her family and friends. 

‘Now we do long distance, but we share a journal that we take turns filling out whenever they miss each other,’ she said, revealing the diary at the end of the clip.  

‘You can actually find love in a pandemic.’

Sydney made their relationship Instagram official in June when she shared a photo of them at Virginia Beach, writing: ‘2020 ain’t all bad.’

She confirmed their relationship to Us Weekly the next day, saying: ‘[I] don’t know how I piqued his interest, but I’m very happy I did!’

Sydney couldn’t resist gushing about her new love, whom she said ‘has incredible character.’  

‘He’s honest, loyal, and wears his heart on his sleeve,’ she added. ‘He makes me laugh a ton and gets me to open up more and truly be myself.’ 

Nick has become a regular on her social media page, and she recently posted a picture of them kissing in bed. 

She said they are now enjoying ‘the little things of just being together in person that we haven’t had the chance to do until now.’ 

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