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Baby elephant splashes around with ball in paddling pool

This is the adorable moment a baby elephant played fetch with an inflatable ball as  splashed around happily in a paddling pool.

The light-hearted clip was recorded by the family who adopted the rescue animal as a newborn after she became separated from her herd. 

The elephant, called Phang Saifon, looked carefree as she played fetch and waded through the water at her surrogate home in Surin, Thailand.

In the video, which was originally recorded on July 25, Phang Saifon can be seen chasing one of her owners around the outside of a bright red paddling pool.

The man throws an inflatable ball into the water for the lively elephant to chase as she launches herself into the pool.

She splashes around enthusiastically and attempts to pick the ball up in her mouth with her trunk flailing wildly. 

The man then walks toward the pool before scooping the ball from between her legs and getting the high-spirited animal to give chase once again.

An adult elephant can be seen in the background scuffing up a cloud of dust as the man then turns his attentions to it by going to stroke its trunk. 

Undeterred Phang Saifon continues to play alone much to the delight of the rest of her adopted family who watch on and giggle.

One of Phang Saifon’s owners Supattra said that the baby elephant likes to play with the ball while taking a shower.

She added: ‘Phang Saifon loves to shower and my children would play with her every day. 

‘We have cared for her ever since she was a baby when he was lost from her herd.’

Elephants are common in Surin province where they can often be found roaming freely through the forests.

Thailand has at least 2,000 wild elephants and a similar number in captivity that are held in sanctuaries, zoos or with private owners who sometimes hire them out for religious festivals and weddings.

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