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Amusing moment two marmots throw punches at each other during ‘a fierce boxing match’ in China

Two feisty marmots have been caught on camera having ‘a fierce boxing match’ in the middle of a road in south-western China.

Trending footage shows the pair of rodents throwing punches and even gripping each other’s necks as if they were having an intense fight, says Chinese media.

Hundreds of thousands of web users have been amused by watching the ‘tiny boxers’ after the video emerged on social media.

The popular clip was shared on Chinese TikTok-like Douyin yesterday by an onlooker who spotted the marmots fighting while driving on a national highway road in Sichuan province.

The social media user wrote: ‘[We] just bumped into two marmots having a fight! This is so cute!’

The two feisty rodents are seen in the footage repeatedly hitting each other and even grabbing the other one’s neck.

Hundreds of thousands of web users were entertained by the video described by Chinese media as ‘a fierce boxing match’. 

One commenter wrote: ‘Are they fighting to see who can claim the money for toll road charges?’

Another one said: ‘This is so adorable. This is how I fight with my husband, haha.’

A third web user replied: ‘Haha the neck-grabbing is brilliant! These two are tough.’

The news comes as two giraffes in China have appeared to be massive soap opera fans after being caught on camera seemingly attentively watching a TV show at a safari park.

Trending footage captures the adorable moment the long-necked pair remaining perfectly still while seemingly enjoying the drama series from a large screen at the outdoor zoo in Zhengzhou, Henan province of central China. 

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