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Amused man reveals delivery driver left parcel underneath the door mat – despite it being 3ft tall 

A man was left in hysterics when he saw a delivery note saying that his parcel had been left in a ‘safe location’ underneath the door mat – despite it being around 3ft tall.

Yodel customer Glenn Jones, believed to be from the US, couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the package outside his home.

The large parcel was accompanied by a ‘sorry I missed you note’ through the letterbox, explaining where to locate it, just in case he missed it.  

In the short clip, the Yodel customer can be seen reading the form to himself which says the parcel was scheduled to be delivered on July 18 at 10:30am.

The note seems to show the delivery had been left ‘in a safe location,’ with the driver detailing that it was ‘under doormat’.

The amused customer can then be seen opening his front door – before revealing the gigantic package right in front of him – with a door mat placed right on top.

And many were left in hysterics, with the post garnering an impressive 142, 000 likes and hundreds of comments – with one even branding it ‘comedy gold.’ 

‘That made my day,’ wrote one amused social media users, while a second joked: ‘Technically it’s accurate.’ 

A third added: ‘I had one where it said, signed by doormat,’ while a fourth added: ‘I don’t know if I laughed more with his laugh or the doormat.’

However, others spoke out in defense of the delivery driver, with one even suggesting he was just thinking about the rain. 

‘Driver was thinking just in case it rained,’ commented one, while a second penned: ‘Well, he made an effort.’

However, a third struggled to see the funny side and wrote: ‘Here’s a suggestion if you order something online maybe go into the special instructions option and suggest a leave safe place of your choice.’ 

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