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American woman reveals things she loves about the UK

An American woman has revealed all her favourite things about visiting Britain, including Tesco shopping trips and Greggs sausage rolls.  

Pastry chef Ally Burnett, 31, is from Huntsville, Alabama but is engaged to a British man from the Midlands, and shared on TikTok all her favourite things about her trips across the Atlantic. 

The video, which also included her love for veggie Percy Pigs and the British Version of Cadbury chocolate, racked up over 30,000 likes and over 400 comments.  

British users were delighted with her selection, with many insisting she had been ‘accepted as one of our own’, while another teased they’d ‘chatted with the Queen’ who had said she was ‘welcome anytime’. 

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First up was British supermarket chain Tesco, with Ally revealing: ‘Don’t ask me why but i’m absolutely obsessed with Tesco. 

‘Every time we go back to England I have to stop here and just load up on snacks, a suitcase full of snacks. I feel like they give Publix a run for their money.’ 

Next she praised Nestle’s Nescafé Azera coffee, admitting: ‘I always thought instant coffee was trash, but it turns out just American instant coffee is trash’.  

She went on to praise British baked goods with a picture of a Greggs pastie, saying: ‘If we’re at a service station and you can’t find me, it’s because i’m getting one of these bad boys. 

‘I’ll be perfectly honest I don’t discriminate, it doesn’t have to be a Greggs just give me a sausage roll or a pastie.’ 

She went on: ‘I can’t be the only one who feels brandy butter is the only thing that makes Christmas pudding and Christmas cake even remotely edible. 

‘Also I like to spread brandy butter on everything. I even put it on strawberry pavlova one year, i’m really a fan.’ 

Finally, Ally revealed her favourite snack to buy in Britain, Marks & Spencer’s signature Percy Pigs sweets.

‘Let’s get right down to it, said Ally, ‘British candy, M&S veggie Percy’s, Colin the Caterpillar, my suitcase is literally full of these. 

‘When I come home, people bring me them. Everyone knows i’m obsessed, and of course anything Cadbury’s because American Cadbury’s is trash.’ 

British users were quick to comment on the video, with several impressed at her selection and joking that they had ‘officially accepted her’ as an ‘honourary member’ of the UK. 

‘Greggs and Tesco, wrote one, ‘We officially accept you. Welcome.’ 

‘You are officially one of us, welcome’, teased another. 

A third wrote: ‘Girl as a nation we make you an honourary British person for your love of all the best things about Britain.’ 

‘Had a chat with the Queen, you’re welcome anytime’, commented a fourth. 

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